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Copper Geometric Candle Holders + Decor

November 1, 2017
Handmade Geometric Decor Candle Holders

Geometric decor is the modern trend we’re completely heart eyes over. Geometric glassware pieces are popping up in home décor stores everywhere, but we have yet to find anything quite like the handmade collection from Waen, a small company you can find on Amazon.

This shop, located in Istanbul, Turkey, creates gorgeous glass décor ranging from ornaments to jewelry boxes, to terrariums, and even candle holders. With all of the variety, they’ve got us planning a decorative revamp of every room in the house.

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We’ve got a few ways you can incorporate our favorite items from Waen into your home, office, or next big event (cue the wedding bells?).

Life of the Party – Geometric Decor Ideas

There’s always cause to celebrate, which means there’s always a need for great party décor. You’re going to love these items from the Waen shop that are sure to bring a little extra razzle dazzle to your next event.
Handmade Geometric Glass Candle Holders
For instance, we can see this copper geometric candle holder with triangle and pentagon shapes as the headliner in the centerpieces at your holiday cocktail party. Just add a tea light and place a few sprigs of pine needles around the candle holder for a festive look.

Anytime celebrations come up, weddings come up too! As we were scrolling through the items in the Waen shop, we swear that a wedding march was happening in the background. There are so many wedding-related items from this seller that we love, but there is one item in particular that you’ve got to see!
Geometric Glassware
If you’re planning a wedding, you might want to consider carrying your ring in this floral ring-holder. The ring pillow is played out anyway, right? We love how unique this ring holder is, and it’s the type of decoration you’ll be doting over long after the wedding.

If nuptials aren’t in your near future, how about hosting a dinner party with some old friends? Coming up with a perfect centerpiece can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is one perfect item and the whole arrangement somehow falls into place.
geometric glassware
This large glass terrarium would be the ideal centerpiece for your dining room or patio table. Fill it with decorative ornaments and set it on your dining room table, or plant a succulent or a cactus in it for a fun focal point for your patio dining set up.

The Perfect Vanity

Beauty inspires beauty, that’s why it’s so important to have an elegant space where you can put the world on hold, sit down, and get ready. If your vanity area needs a little makeover to get you more in the mood to spend time on yourself, we have a few ideas from the Waen shop that will help you dress it up a bit.
geometric glassware4 Copper Geometric Candle Holders + Decor
Light up your vanity with this cute set of mini geometric candle holders. They are just big enough to hold a tiny tea light candle. Constructed out of pentagon panels, these are available in copper, rustic copper, silver, and black so you can find the perfect metal finish for whatever decorative theme you have going on in your vanity area.
geometric glassware5 Copper Geometric Candle Holders + Decor
Another option for vanity candle holders comes in a simpler, but still geometric look. This candle holder uses square and triangle glass panels instead of pentagon ones. The shape becomes more elongated and less round. We love this particular piece in the black metal finish!

If you have limited space on your vanity table or counter-top, you can make the most of it by finding decorative storage options. Glass jewelry boxes are very much in style right now, and allow you to ditch the bulky plastic bins and baskets. We found an option in Waen’s shop that puts some of the others we’ve seen in stores to shame.
geometric glassware6 Copper Geometric Candle Holders + Decor
Picture holding your favorite rings in this small glass box. Keep them in here for safe storage while you shower or sleep, and slip them back on before you head out for the day! It’s kind of fun that by default of the glass being clear, whatever you put inside also becomes part of the décor. This also a great catch-all for all those small items that end up all over your vanity. You know, like bobby pins, hair ties, earring backs.

What about those makeup brushes that end up scattered all over after you put your face on for the day? Yup, there’s a geometric glass box for those, too.
geometric glassware7 Copper Geometric Candle Holders + Decor
This 4x4x2 glass panel box would be great for holding smaller makeup brushes. If your brushes are longer than this box fits, not to fear! Waen takes custom orders and can make you the glass box you’ve been dreaming off that will keep all your brushes together while still showing them off through the pristine little windows. The reviews for the custom orders are really great!

Corporate Chic

A well-designed work space can make all the difference in your productivity. If you haven’t put together your office or cubicle in a way that inspires you, it’s time to get started! You don’t need a complete overhaul to personalize your working area. Just a few simple elements can really make you feel at home on the job. Take a look at these fresh ideas.
geometric glassware8 Copper Geometric Candle Holders + Decor
This geometric glass vase is everything we’ve ever wanted out of a vase. Put a single flower inside for a simple statement piece at your desk, or put in on that bookshelf you haven’t quite managed to fill up yet.

If you’re looking for purposeful office décor, may we recommend a cute geometric box?
geometric glassware9 Copper Geometric Candle Holders + Decor
Keep cute trinkets in this pentagon box, or fill it with photos you like to look at on especially chaotic days at the office. This box is about seven and a half inches wide and four inches, so it is big enough to hold quite a few treasures or paper clips. Your choice.

With all the great ways to use geometric glass pieces like these, it’s no wonder they are trending. It’s easy to implement them into a modern design or a rustic design theme, and they aren’t likely to go out of style anytime soon. We love that the pieces Waen offers are handmade. It adds an extra element of quality that big box stores often lack. If you plan on buying some of these adorable home goodies, keep in mind that this shop doesn’t always list dimensions for the pieces. However, if you have questions, they seem to be pretty responsive. We love that this shop also takes custom orders. So if there’s a geometric glass piece you’ve been creating in your imagination as the final touch to your décor, Waen can help make your vision a reality.

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