ring candles fragrant jewels The Exciting World of Ring Candles

The Exciting World of Ring Candles

First of all, you might be asking “what on earth is a ring candle?!

For those that do not know, a ring candle (AKA jewelry candle) is basically as follows. A candle with a ring inside of it which when burned past a certain point will reveal a ring and code ranging in value from $10 – $5000. The code found inside is then to be entered into the website which will reveal if you have won a high-value ring.

A company called Diamond Candles thought of the idea and brought this Cracker-Jack-esque product all over America. A snippet from the story on their website:

David knew that Brenda loved candles, and he decided to pick one up to go along with the anniversary ring. On his way out of the store, he looked down at the ring in one hand and the candle in the other, and the idea of Diamond Candles was born.

The candles became an immediate hit with the target female demographic and inspired numerous other companies to get in on the action.

jewelry in candles
Jewelry wrapped in foil, peeking out from a JIC candle

Is it a scam? How is this possible?

These products are run similar to a lottery. The candles are priced at around $25 and so they are more expensive than most of the usual candles you will see.

Most commonly, you will find costume jewelry within the candles which may still well look good but be in the $10 – $100 range. By selling many of the common candles they are able to afford a small number which can be worth much more. So no, these candles are not a scam but the question of if they are worth it is completely up to you.

The suspense of waiting to reveal your ring can be extremely fun and many people have started posting videos on YouTube revealing the rings that they receive.

Fragrant Jewels Jewelry Candle Reviews
A ring found in a candle from Fragrant Jewels

Not all ring candles are made the same

And this is where we come in. Obviously, we’re all excited about the rings which are found inside these candles but above all else, this is a candle site.

What’s the point of having a ring candle if the candle is garbage? Sure, you may just be in it for the ring but I’m sure everyone would rather have a good quality candle to go along with it!

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