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Jewelry Candles Reviews Ring Candles

Jewelry Candles Review

Today we will be reviewing the ring candles from Jewelry Candles. These are not to be confused with the similarly named “Jewelry IN Candles” which is a whole other brand completely.

I found Jewelry Candles to be the all round great pick when picking ring or jewelry candles. They have lots of neat ideas with their products that separate them from the pack but they also don’t have any serious downfalls like some of the other brands do.

With Jewelry Candles it is all about choices. Not only do they let you customize you ring or jewelry candles down to size, they also offer a wide variety of other options such as a bouquet of roses dipped in wax that you can give to that special someone (with a surprise of course) or you can go for their soaps which also contain jewelry inside.

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Scent variety is the other huge thing with these, at the time of this review I was unable to find any other ring candle company that more choice in this department.

With that said we will try not to make this review – or our other reviews – based on individual scents because of course, everyone’s opinions will differ. If there does happen to be a particular scent that we find with more or less fragrance intensity we will try and point that out where we can. If you have a favorite scent that stands out to you please share it with us all in the comments at the end of this page, we’d love to know everyone’s thoughts!

jewelry candles blossom

Product Overview

Wax Type: Premium natural soy wax candle
Size: 18 oz (510 g) wax, 21 oz jar
Price: $28 with varying shipping rates (See website for shipping rates)
Jewelry Surprise: Rings from size 5-11, Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants, or a Necklace
Reveal Type: Fill out the form on the Official Jewelry Candle website’s appraisal page
Possible Jewelry Value: From $10 – $7500
Other Items Available: Wax Roses, Jewelry tarts, Jewelry Soaps

The candle that we used for this review was the “Dance With Me” candle from Jewelry Candle’s ring candle collection. Something that sets Jewelry Candles apart from some of the other brands is that they seem to tailor a lot more to gifting. They actually have a line of candles which they call “Greeting Candles” that are made for just that purpose. These candles are kind of like a 3 in 1 type gift in that they contain the piece of jewelry inside but they also have custom labels which act as a card that you would give to someone (and obviously the candle is included). These greeting candles are tailored to many special occasions and you can have a look as to exactly what ones on their greeting candle page.

jewelry candles ring candle
Review Rundown

Presentation: The presentation for Jewelry Candle’s ring candle’s are fairly standard. They come in a large glass jar with a seal-able lid which you can reuse once you burn through the entire candle and wash it out. The labels are simple and quite elegant and their greeting candle labels are a really neat idea because these are great gift ideas as is and this those just make it even better.

Fragrance Intensity: I found that when compared with other ring candle brands, these candles were slightly lighter in scent. They still gave off a great aroma when they were burning but it just wasn’t overly intense.

Ring/Jewelry Quality: We found quite a few nice rings inside of the candles from Jewelry Candles. We haven’t even gotten them all appraised yet but some look far better than most of the costume jewelry you sometimes find. We don’t want to give Jewelry Candles a huge ratings boost just because we did get lucky with a few of their candles but it did generally seem like they had much higher jewelry quality in general than most other brands.

Candle Performance: This candle belongs not only in the top tier of Jewelry Candles but also candles in general. The two wicks surely helped in this department, keeping the wax melting evenly across its entire jar. No tunneling here. Melt pool stayed in the 1/8 – 1/4 inch range only going larger when we had the candle burning for hours and hours on end. The only thing of mention was that after long burning sessions the wax seemed to darken a bit almost as if there was a little too much heat for the wax, but other than a slight discoloration it didn’t seem to affect the performance whatsoever.

Scent Variety: Jewelry Candles are king (or queen) when it comes to the variety of scents that they have available. Our last count came to a total of 86 different scents! I believe that this is the highest number of scents for a jewelry candle brand.

Price: Jewelry Candles – ($28.00)

Ring Candles – ($24.95)

Jewelry Soaps – ($12.00)

Jewelry Tarts – ($10.00)

Other Notes: Jewelry Candles is one of the few companies that will ship their products to Canada!
jewelry candle roses
We also loved the idea of their wax dipped roses. They are beautiful and can even be bought in two colors of your choice for a dozen roses! These make for some lovely gifts.

Jewelry Candles Reveal

jewelry candles ring

The newest ring we found inside one of our candles from Jewelry Candles :O

For another opinion on the candles here is a video from Youtube by Summer

Candle Junkies Approved Candles

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jewelry candles shop

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