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How To Clean A Candle Jar

repurpose jars

Most of the jars that contain ring candles are actually quite nice. If you are going to be buying these candles anyways, you might as well get some extra use out of them and re-purpose them!

How To Clean A Candle Jar

Once your candle is completely burned down, scrape all of the extra wax out of the jar using something such as a butter knife. (You can make this easier by first placing the jar in the freezer for a bit, thus making the wax contract a bit)

Be sure that you get all of the wax out of the jar as many waxes will clog the drain in your sink.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

When all the wax is out of the jar simply use some dish soap and warm water and scrub the inside of the jar.

Simple as that!

Use your newly cleaned jar for crafts, decorations, or to store anything you’d like.

For a more in depth and alternative guide to cleaning out your candle jar check out this great guide from Aunt Peaches Blog and for a great list of repurposing ideas check out Stephanie Lynn.

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