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How to Make Candles the Star of the Show

If you find yourself hosting more and more events, let candles be the centerpiece that really wows your guests. No matter the occasion or season, candles bring a spectacular element to any dining room spread or fireplace mantel. The key is to incorporate them in an effortless, complimentary way with the other decor in the room.

With the right eye and imagination, you can make candles the star of the show:

Blooming With Candles

When it comes to those extravagant centerpieces (or even those humble ones), flowers and other seasonal foliage tend to take center stage. However, instead of using expensive flowers as the main focal point, try using candles to highlight other decor elements. Flowers and candles can work together to create a well-balanced, interesting spread.

Your flower arrangement doesn’t necessarily have to include only blooms and greenery. Instead, try bringing both your lighting and florals together by including candles with pressed flowers inside, or rose-scented candles, that compliment the aroma from your flowers. The art of flower arranging has a long history, but it never hurts to break the mold every now and then. Let the candles light up the room and other decor to create a space sure to impress.
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Work With Your Menu, Not Against It

Another way to incorporate your candles is to use scent to your advantage. It can be tempting to use scentless or mild candles in order to not overload your guests’ senses, but if you can find just the right combo, your candles can compliment your overall atmosphere and even food. One obvious choice is to use seasonal scents.

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Fall can invite an assortment of rich, spicy scents (perfect compliment to turkey and pie) while summer offers more opportunities to include tropical and citrus smells that pair well with fresh fruit and salads. If you have the time, experiment! After you’ve got your menu together, shop around for the right scents or consult with some candle experts in order to take your event to the next level.

Spread the (Candle) Love

At the end of your dinner, birthday party, friendsgiving, etc., sending your guests home with some simple goodie bags can really seal your status as the hostess with the mostest. This idea also works great if you plan to have a holiday dinner and gift giving is going to be part of the event. So, what to include? Candles of course! Candles are not only an affordable option in gift exchanges, but they can be personalized to each one of your guests.

If you’re having a smaller party, give your guests a scented candle that makes you think of them: autumnal scents for your fall-loving friends and clean-scented ones for your stay-at-home mom or dad. Of course, on a grander scale, personalizing each candle for your guests can become time consuming and expensive. If your party has more than 10 guests, opt for unique candles like the ones that have hidden rings or gems at the bottom. It’ll be a memorable gift, even weeks after your event is over.

However your event planning goes, it’s definitely worth adding candles to the mix. Candles have that magical element to them that can make nearly any event mesmerizing and inviting. However you decide to include candles, they are sure to lighten up any room, further showing off all your hard work and planning.

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