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7 Unique Candle Holders From PartyLite Which I Love

partylite unique candle holders

I LOVE shopping online.

At the tips of your fingers you pretty much have the worlds largest shopping mall. I already use it as my primary source for finding new candles to burn, but the number of other things which you can find are limitless.

One of my other favorite things to browse for online recently is unique candle holders! A good candle holder can add those much needed final touches to your homes decor or they can even act as the centerpiece that a room is decorated around.

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If you follow the blog on our Instagram page at all, you may have noticed that one of the most popular pictures as of late was one that I reposted of a cute set of cat candle holders.

To be honest, I didn’t actually know where they were from but I loved the look of them. It was later found out that the candle holders came from PartyLite! As you can probably imagine I had to check out what other candle holders they had..

After browsing for only a few minutes I had already found a number of candle holders that were going straight to my Christmas wishlist (One can only hope!).

Here are some of my favorite unique candle holders from PartyLite!

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Mosaic Glass Hurricane Candle Holder


Tiered Tealight Lantern


Glass Panel Votive Holder


After Dark Votive Candle Holder

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Dotted Spiral Tealight Hurricane


Shimmering Facets Hurricane


Curved Lines Tealight Lantern

All images are property of Partylite and I take no credit for them.

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  • Reply Sarah Anderson June 1, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    These candle holders are all rather pretty. My favorite are probably the animal ones, specifically the cats and the foxes. It’s like a momma and a baby and they are touching noses, it’s just too adorable!

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