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7 Unique Candle Holders From PartyLite Which I Love

partylite unique candle holders

I LOVE shopping online.

At the tips of your fingers you pretty much have the worlds largest shopping mall. I already use it as my primary source for finding new candles to burn, but the number of other things which you can find are limitless. One of my other favorite things to browse for online recently is unique candle holders! A good candle holder can add those much needed final touches to your homes decor or they can even act as the centerpiece that a room is decorated around.

If you follow the blog on our Instagram page at all, you may have noticed that one of the most popular pictures as of late was one that I reposted of a cute set of cat candle holders. To be honest, I didn’t actually know where they were from but I loved the look of them. It was later found out that the candle holders came from PartyLite! As you can probably imagine I had to check out what other candle holders they had..

After browsing for only a few minutes I had already found a number of candle holders that were going straight to my Christmas wishlist (One can only hope!).

Here are some of my favorite unique candle holders from PartyLite!


pumpkin pillar holder

Pumpkin Patch Pillar Holder

I had to throw this candle holder into the mix even though it is starting to get a little late in the season. I had seen this candle holder in various other places online and was always wondering where it had came from. Well I found it! This candle holder would work great as any centerpiece for fall time decor. Toss your favorite fall scent in the pumpkin and you can build around it in a number of different ways. If you are looking for some inspiration, there are a number of decorators on Pinterest that I seen who used this piece in their designs!



Scentglow™ Warmer Clearly Creative™

Although the last item on this list may only work in certain seasons you are sure to not run into this problem with this wax warmer. You can really let your creativity run wild with this item as you can actually fill the bottom glass section with whatever you choose! You can throw something in there to match your rooms decor or switch it up with the season changes. This warmer will never go out of style and can be changed to suite your every need.


lattice tealight holder

Lattice Lantern Tealight Holder

Lattice styled lanterns have been around forever and are used in numerous decor projects to this day. With the PartyLite lattice lanterns you can place 3 tealights on the stands within and they are surrounded by a nice textured glass panel that will enhance the illumination from the flame inside. This lantern comes in various sizes to fit your needs indoors or out.


partylite hurricane

Enchanted Woodland Hurricane Votive

I just love the effect that candles can have when placed in containers with designs like the one above. The aura that is created is so warm and inviting yet elegant and stylish.


partylite twigs candle holder

Twinkling Twigs Centerpiece

Another great seasonal piece that would make a great centerpiece for the home. The video below does a great job of showing how well they can work in a few different situations.


partylite wall sconce

Starburst Wall Sconce

This wall sconce is one of the best ones I’ve seen around. Throw some candles in this thing and hang it up to make any wall look unique.


cat candle holdersowl candle holdersfox candle holders

Nature’s Love™ by PartyLite Fox, Cat, and Owl Candle Holders

This was the original reason that I made this post and I had to show off all three of these amazing candle holders. Each of these mama and baby candle holders are beautifully sculpted from resin with a sleek matte finish. They are some of the cutest candle holders that I have seen and are next on my to-buy list. Which of the three is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below this post!

All images are property of PartyLite and I take no credit for them.

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  • Reply Sarah Anderson June 1, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    These candle holders are all rather pretty. My favorite are probably the animal ones, specifically the cats and the foxes. It’s like a momma and a baby and they are touching noses, it’s just too adorable!

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