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10 Mercury Glass Candle Holders That Bring Style To Any Interior

April 12, 2017
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A stunning home deserves a little extra pizzazz to make it stand out in style. With plenty of dazzling candle holders available online, it’s easy to craft a memorable, elegant room. Check out this quick list of mercury glass candle holders to decide exactly how to boost your home’s decor to the next level.

Silver Antique Mercury Glass Candle Holders

antique mercury glass candle holders o 10 Mercury Glass Candle Holders That Bring Style To Any Interior

Pottery Barns’s candle holders are perfect for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

These beautiful pieces are available in varying heights so you can easily create a tiered centerpiece. With an antique silver finish and a dynamic silhouette, these candle holders are a great find.

12 Stunning Pieces

Mercury Glass Candle Holders
Courtesy Etsy

This set of mercury glass candle holders by EEB Designs is ideal for both elegant events and bohemian, candle-filled homes. If you need accent pieces scattered on top of your shelves and tables for added sparkle and shine, these candle holders can add that special something your home deserves. The distressed yet sophisticated finish is versatile and well-suited for many styles of interior decor.

Versatile and Chic Mercury Glass Votives

mercury glass candle holders 2 10 Mercury Glass Candle Holders That Bring Style To Any Interior

No matter the color palette of your interior, this mercury glass candle holder is sure to fit in. These serve as affordable but fashionable decoration, especially if you’re setting up a party or hosting guests.

An Eclectic Mix

Mercury Glass Candle Holders
Courtesy Amazon

For another set of cute and quirky mercury glass candle holders, this mix-and-match selection will bring some serious style to your home. The variations in shape and size mean you’re sure to find something that suits your design choices. Sold with a gold-colored finish, it’s easy to see dream up new ways to incorporate these candle holders within girly and regal decor.

Mercury Glass With Flameless Candles

mercury glass led candle gold 18cm 586761 10 Mercury Glass Candle Holders That Bring Style To Any Interior

Here is an excellent option for those that are looking for something that is safe and basically all done for you. Yes, these pieces already contain a flameless led candle inside of them and so they are ready to be placed once you get them. A little forewarning however, they are a bit pricey. We mentioned this brand in our recent post on the best realistic flameless candles and while they were one of our top two picks, they were the more expensive of the two.

An Artful Centerpiece

Mercury Glass Candle Holders
Courtesy Home Depot

For a space that’s both earthy and delightful, this quirky set of candle holders catches the eye and looks great. While many candle holders are better suited towards smaller sizes, this set is perfect for large, hefty pillar candles that last as long as you need. Check out the alternate color palette in blue if earth tones aren’t your thing.

Hanging Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Mercury Glass Candle Holders
Courtesy Etsy

This candle holder evokes a rustic, vintage feel that pairs well with its shiny mercury glass. Sold by TrayChicParty, this item will fit into any home that shows off beautiful bouquets, mason jars and anything French-inspired. Overall, this item makes for a versatile purchase as it is both easy-to-hang and perfect for a tabletop at teatime.

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