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10 Mercury Glass Candle Holders That Bring Style To Any Interior

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A stunning home deserves a little extra pizzazz to make it stand out in style. With plenty of dazzling candle holders available online, it’s easy to craft a memorable, elegant room. Check out this quick list of mercury glass candle holders to decide exactly how to boost your home’s decor to the next level.

A Stylish Finish

Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Courtesy Pottery Barn

Pottery Barns’s candle holders are perfect for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. This elegant selection provides four options of varying heights so you can easily create a tiered centerpiece. With an antique silver finish and a dynamic silhouette, these candle holders are a great find.

12 Stunning Pieces

Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Courtesy Etsy

This set of mercury glass candle holders by EEB Designs is ideal for both elegant events and bohemian, candle-filled homes. If you need accent pieces scattered on top of your shelves and tables for added sparkle and shine, these candle holders can add that special something your home deserves. The distressed yet sophisticated finish is versatile and well-suited for many styles of interior decor.

Pretty in Pink

pink mercury glass candle holder

For a cute and quirky candle holder, look no further than this cute and affordable option on Amazon. With a delicate color and lightly embossed exterior, this candle holder brings an air of feminine delicacy. If you’re assembling a posh and charming interior, this candle holder is a must have.

Lovely Lace

Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Courtesy Etsy

Another excellent option for your tealight candles is this set of 2 lacy votive holders by PomJoyFun. A delicate and regal option for any interior, these candle holders are also great for weddings and events. The slightly transparent texture is perfect for showing off the gentle flicker of your tealight candles on a romantic evening.

Versatile and Chic

No matter the color palette of your interior, this mercury glass candle holder is sure to fit in. These serve as affordable but fashionable decoration, especially if you’re setting up a party or hosting guests.

An Eclectic Mix

Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Courtesy Amazon

For another set of cute and quirky mercury glass candle holders, this mix-and-match selection will bring some serious style to your home. The variations in shape and size mean you’re sure to find something that suits your design choices. Sold with a gold-colored finish, it’s easy to see dream up new ways to incorporate these candle holders within girly and regal decor.

Create A Focal Point

Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Courtesy Wayfair

This tall mercury glass candlestick by Wayfair is the perfect way to make your home stand out from all the rest. Tall vertical lines are both elegant and eye-catching, whether you choose to position this piece on your dining room table or on a nearby shelf. Give your home a stunning focal point with these long, elegant candlesticks.

An Artful Centerpiece

Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Courtesy Home Decorators

For a space that’s both earthy and delightful, this quirky set of candle holders catches the eye and looks great. While many candle holders are better suited towards smaller sizes, this set is perfect for large, hefty pillar candles that last as long as you need. Check out the alternate color palette in blue if earth tones aren’t your thing.

Hang It Up

Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Courtesy Etsy

This candle holder evokes a rustic, vintage feel that pairs well with its shiny mercury glass. Sold by TrayChicParty, this item will fit into any home that shows off beautiful bouquets, mason jars and anything French-inspired. Overall, this item makes for a versatile purchase as it is both easy-to-hang and perfect for a tabletop at teatime.

Shiny and Stylin’

Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Courtesy Etsy

When you aren’t lighting candles and enjoying a romantic atmosphere, these holders by WalterandLulus double as fashionable planters. With an attractive, tessellated exterior, these pieces could be perfect for your outdoor patio table. If you want to enjoy candlelight by the pool or show off your garden in style, check out this set of 3 candle holders.

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