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Warm Up with Wooden Candle Holders

October 23, 2017
Copy of The Top 12 1 Warm Up with Wooden Candle Holders

Soften the harsh feel of a brisk autumnal morning and shave off the far-too-crisp fall temperature at nighttime. Bring the warmth of candlelight into your home with wooden candle holders and clean, white candles.

It’s a classic look that transcends time and trends. Every fall, I have a renewed sense to decorate, to change the decor and update. At the same time, I pull out the decorations of old, bits here and there, adding orange and purple, then pops of red and brown. Even though the trees are shedding their leaves and the days are getting shorter, I still experience a sort of lush feeling after decorating for fall.

It’s time for chai tea or a cup of dark roast. And where are my comfy socks? There’s a coziness that only comes certain times of year and this is that time. Where are the matches? I’ve got 20 hand-picked wooden candle holders to light.

1. First up, a lovely turned candle holder from Pier 1 imports. These wooden candle holders can be purchased separately. The tallest stands at 16″ and the medium-sized one stands at 13.25″. Created from Mango Wood, use them only indoors. I’d say these are a true staple. Bare finish. Clean and simple. They fit a 3-4″ pillar candle.

They’re only available online at this point so it would be difficult to go see these stunners in person. Make them feel country, modern, or mid-century with some extra finishing. Plaid ribbon and greenery at their bases would present a pretty picture.

2. Also from Pier 1 imports, these Gray Wooden Pillar Candle Holders from Dileep are sold separately and give off a decidedly exotic flair. These feel very ‘global.’ A relief of branches and little flowers encircle the columns. The large wooden candle holder is 5.5″ x 12″, the medium holder is 5″ x 8.75″.

Go all white with touches of green and gold when using these candle holders. Best suited on a table due to their wider bases, a wooden trough filled with faux artichoke would go nicely. A true centerpiece when used with these wooden candle holders.

3. From Home Fashions for SteinMart, this Wooden Pillar Candle Holder is on clearance. This can only be seen a plus for you. A classic pillar design, this white wooden candle holder is whitewashed for a casual and live-in effect. At 6” wide and 13” tall, it has some heft.

Pair it with something else weighty as well…a bronze figurine or a metal sculpture. Or choose to decorate this candle holder with something more, shall we say, lively. Encircle the base with bright faux or real lemons, Piled high on a platter underneath. This white wooden candle holder is easy to place around the home every season.

4. The Baltic Large Pillar Candle Holder is a minimalist’s dream. Exclusive to CB2, this wooden candle holder is made from hand-turned shesham wood and boasts an iron cap that’s been finished to look like gleaming copper At 3.75” in diameter by 9” high, this wooden candle holder is easy to blend beside books.

There’s a squatter version as well at 5” high. Each can hold a 3” pillar candle. This holder appears to take center stage, as a stately icon, like a chalice to be worshipped or put under glass.

5. Is it just me, or does this seem familiar? Hmmm…at $12.95, this Pillar Candle Holder from Project 62 for Target achieves a similar feel to the shorter Baltic Candle Holder from CB2. Switch out the luxe, dark wood for this blond bombshell and it’s a fraternal twin.

True to its minimalist roots, crown a short tower of stacked books with this wooden candle holder and call it a day. At that price, you can buy two and start seeing double. One for the left side of the mantel, one for the right. Done.

6. From these Antiqued Wooden Candle Stands have a colonial feel to them. I picture myself in a muslin frock, laboring over the stew on the fire as my mulled wine waits for me on the table. These antique wooden candle holders are purported to be an old-world gray, but color is less important here. What stands out is the shape and height. The largest is 23”, the middle-sized holder is 21”, and the smallest, if you can call it that, is 18” tall. All along the column of the holder are concentric circles, bands of wood rings that screams 18th century America. Couple them with faux pomegranates or clove-pricked oranges to enhance the early colonial vibe.

7. Ranging from 2” to 12” in height, go vintage when lighting up a room. From Etsy, these wooden taper candle holders are a thankful throwback. Minor wear, but who cares when you have such warmth and good vibrations dancing around these candle holders? Bank and Bleeker, a vintage shop out of Rockford, Illinois, has a curated collection with these vintage wood candlesticks which come in a set of 7. So pretty and did I say, economical. Lucky 7. Although all 7 have different designs, they work together as a cohesive whole. Add tall tapers and it’s a little family of candles.

8. From Pier1 imports. Go vertical with this Bronze Spoon Pillar Candle Holder Wall Sconce. It’s rustic and innovative at the same time. It almost has that DIY feel with its serving board as the wall piece and a spoon for its candle perch.

At 6.25” deep, it’s shallow enough to use in a narrow entryway, although due to its epicurean influence, it would look great in a kitchen. The fir wood carving or serving board is a full 19.5” high. The piece comes complete with a glass hurricane that will fit a 3” pillar candle. Folk art nearby and you’ve got a conversation piece.

9. Another standout from Pier 1 imports, also only online, this Wooden Plank Candle Holder Wall Sconce rings true in more ways than one. The wooden plank is rubberwood and finished in a soft, medium tone.

If you have a hankering to go ‘modern,’ but can’t seem to embrace the silver tones, polished or brushed, embrace this look. Gleaming gold with medium wood tones, all in simple geometric shapes can ring true for a modern look. The size is fairly substantial with its 12” wide ring and its 12” tall wall plank. This wooden wall candle holder encapsulates how modern can also be soft.

10. These wooden candle holders seem to have a storied past with their unusual design. Overstock offers this Contemporary Wooden Candle Holder, ranging in height from 12” to 15” to 18”. Need a little tribal influence in your decorating? Hit up for this dark brown set.

The holders have a light white overwash, giving the set a vintage feel even though they’re called “Contemporary” by Overstock. The carving on each pillar looks like an ancient Egyptian palmette leaf, a symbol of energy and optimism. Who wouldn’t want to bring that vibe into their home? So if ‘vintage’ for you harkens back to the Nile and Mesopotamia, then these wooden candle holders have your name written all over them.

11. Another world-inspired wooden candle holder is the Woodland Imports UPT-64600 Splendid Wooden Candle Holder by the Mine. Standing at 8.5” tall, this deep, darkly-stained, matte candle holder is made from Mango wood. The etched stripes, alternating between white and natural feel like an African design element. Strong and rigid.

Place this wooden candle holder on a brightly patterned piece of fabric or weaving for a globally rich look. Add a bright taper candle to tie it all together. Add some steel drum music in the background and it’s time to make some delicious dishes in the kitchen.

12. This wooden taper candle holder is a cousin to the squat Number 5. A contemporary piece, this Taper Candle Holderfrom Target is 10” tall. And at $12.99, it’s a steal. You’ll need at least two to create a romantic setting at the dinner table over Italian and a bottle of Chianti. Add in white or green tapers for an inviting look. Whether you’re attempting to go Danish, appear sleek, or time travel to 1962, this wooden taper candle holder delivers.

13. Number 13 is a tall and statuesque set of 3, the Woodland Imports 14342 Artfully Carved Wooden Candle Holder (Set of 3) from the Mine. This set of large wooden candle holders works in many settings with its gray wash. The tallest holder is a full 24” high. At 2 feet tall on down, this set will pop an impactful wallop on your decor. Use them by the fireplace or near an entryway. Right now they’re $57.95 with free shipping. That’s a good value for a set with traditional lines and a classic appeal.

14. From Neiman Marcus, this Wooden Candle Holder standing alone, or paired with its 42” sister, takes us across the pond to a classic European design style. This large wooden candle holder should go on the ground or wedged into a high and tall shelf on the stairs. From GG Collection, it has a strict traditional Victorian style with its pierced iron shade, almost a foot wide. With a wide pillar candle lit inside, this large wooden candle holder becomes a beacon of hope and a bastion of tradition in your home. An investment…at $245. But you’re worth it.

15. Here it is, the Wood & Metal Large Pillar Candle Holder by Pier 1 imports that’ll bridge all divides: wood and metal, contemporary and traditional, value and savings. On clearance, Pier 1 has some raging good design and good deals this season. The only downside to this large wooden candle holder is that its size is a mystery. No mention of height means that one must use imagination or divination to figure it out. My guess is it’s somewhere around 16”…that sounds good, right? Hmmm…if only there was a measuring tape around. Shucks.

16. And where is the light and bright versions of all these wooden candle holders? Consider the Wooden Candle Holder in Contemporary Rubbed Finish from These white wooden candle holders sport a creamy color and a rustic chic finish. I particularly like the footed bases, supporting a column that’s both traditional and casual. Three inch pillar candles would fit nicely. The open holders could support taller pillars if so desired. Looking to have your home appear that is was designed by a ‘certain fixer upper’ then these will do the trick!

17. From Chairish, the Mid-Century Turned Wooden Candle Holders are named all wrong. Everything about these wooden pillar candle holders screams neoclassical to me, not necessarily mid-century. Created after the flowery rococo style, and based on classical shapes of ancient times, neoclassical decoration is both elegant and restrained. It never goes out of style and can be combined with today’s classic and traditional decor aesthetic. These candle holders have the globe shape as part of their design and a highly polished finish to boot.

18. Looking for something a bit more country-rustic-cabin-feel? Here are Home Depot’s Braelyn Natural Wood Candle Holders (Set of 3). They’re squat and stout and sweet all over. The mango wood reveals a cool woodgrain design and there’s a distinguishing feature on these wooden pillar candle holders that is almost lost in the picture. Look at the top and bottom edge of the pillar; it’s rimmed with the look of rough hewn tree bark. It’s subtle, but special. If you’re in a cabin by the lake or want to just play pretend, set these holders out. The tallest is just under 15” and the trio will set you back for around $90 bucks. The holders come complete with glass hurricanes. I like these. Home Depot is stepping up their game.

19. Open a door to the past with the Melrose International Door Knob Candle Holder (Set of 2). Handsome together, these wooden pillar candle holders have a little something extra. Each holder has an old-fashioned metal door knob with an escutcheon plate on the front. Each is different. And the sizes are 10” and 12” from Hayneedle. I don’t know, but every time I look at these I think of Alice in Wonderland. The talkative, personified doorknob at the end of the rabbit’s hole that led Alice into Wonderland is a beloved Disney character. Maybe a little ‘Drink Me’ bottle nearby these candle holders would bring a little wonder into your home.

20. A final selection is from Hayneedle: the Hip Vintage Irving Pillar Candle Holder with its lovely patina, creates a weathered look. Mind you, it’s still a wooden pillar candle holder, no copper here. The verdigris finish is mottled as if it had been an antique wooden candle holder left out in the rain. But no, it’s been pampered, all 14” of it. Brought to you by Hip Vintage, consider adding a small pillar candle and cluster a clock and a small globe nearby to create a time-worn decoration that is both casual and elegant at the same time.

Finally…a word to the wise…waste no time in choosing one of these wooden candle holders for your home. I can sense the warmth already. I can see the flickering wick. Ahh. Feels like home.

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