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Check Out These Stunning Diptyque Photophore Candle Holders

Diptyque Photophore Candle Holders

Good evening Candle Junkies! I hope you all had a great holidays! Today I wanted to cover some candle accessories that I’ve been eyeing up quite a bit lately. And that is the photophores available from Diptyque.

First of all, what is a photophore, and what does it have to do with candles?

Now if you’re anything like me, you might have seen the word photophore to describe these objects and wondered why they were called that. I did a bit of research and here is a bit of history on the word:

It originates from the Greek words “phos” (meaning “light”) and “phoros” (meaning “bearer”). So basically, when a candle (light source) is placed in a candle holder that allows it to emit light (glass candle holders for example), that candle holder is a photophore.

The word is also used to describe light emitting creatures, but clearly, that’s not what we’re talking about here.

So now that we know what they are, let me show you the pieces that Diptyque has available!

An overview of the Diptyque photophore candle holders

You can find all of the candle holders below on the Diptyque Paris official website here.

1. The Alphabet Candle Holder

The Diptyque Paris Alphabet Candle Holder is a genuinely distinctive and eye-catching addition to any home. Light emitted from this candle holder will make the letters from the container walls dance on the walls of your home! 

2. Gold Pyramid Candle Holder

If you desire opulence, here is the diptyque Gold Pyramid Candle Holder. This beautiful piece adds some glitz and glam to your home and is guaranteed to be an attention-stealer.

3. Constellation Candle Holder

The diptyque Constellation Candle Holder is a masterpiece that takes inspiration from the constellations in the night sky. It is sure to grab people’s attention no matter where it is displayed.

This one-of-a-kind candle holder is perfect for anybody who wants to imbue their space with an atmosphere of magic and whimsicality.

4. Basile Candle Holder

The Basile candle holder emanates traditional sophistication and elevates any atmosphere. Its clean lines and streamlined design make it a terrific option for minimalists who appreciate simplicity.

5. Fresnel Candle Holder

I feel that I don’t need to say much about this candle holder. Just look at it this thing, it’s stunning. It’s design takes inspiration from the optical lens of Augustin Fresnel. As such, the flame from the candle within diffracts and creates a halogen effect.

6. Torsade Candle Holder

The Torsade candle holder comes in two different sizes with one accommodating the 70g Diptyque candles and the other the 190g candles. It’s braided glass pattern adds a playful, yet sophisticated touch to any space.

7. Coasted Candle Holder

Last but not least is the Coasted candle holder. Like the last entry, it comes in two sizes for some variety in your decor.

The Coasted holder is constructed from hand blown glass from master glassblowers from the Vendée region of France. The ridged glass dome on a black base plate is a beautiful combo and looks great in a dimmed room.

In my opinion, all of these photophores are exquisite, but I’d like to know which is your favorite! Let me know in the comments below and please share your thoughts if you have tried any of them!

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