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There Is A Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Candle Now

March 23, 2023
Charmed Aroma Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Candle - Review Featured Image - Candle Junkies

Hello candle junkies! I just wanted to share with you a very cool candle from the folks over at Charmed Aroma!

For those that haven’t seen this yet that are fans of the show, I’m sure you’ll be excited for this one.

A Tribute to the Epic Saga From Charmed Aroma

Game of Thrones, the beloved fantasy series, has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of millions of fans worldwide. As a tribute to this legendary saga, Charmed Aroma debuted their Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Ring Candle.

This exquisitely designed candle not only embodies the spirit of the series but also conceals a hidden treasure: a stunning ring inspired by the world of Westeros.

A Design Fit for the Iron Throne

Charmed Aroma Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Ring Candle Review Candle Junkies There Is A Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Candle Now

This ring candle captures the essence of the show through its detailed design.

The candle’s exterior mimics the appearance of a dragon egg, complete with textured scales that shimmer in the light. This striking design pays homage to Daenerys Targaryen and her iconic dragon children, which I find to be so cool.

Fragrance Worthy of the Seven Kingdoms

As the dragon egg candle alights, it emanates an entrancing fragrance that transports you to the enthralling world of Westeros.

An enticing fusion of deep raspberry, zesty pink peppercorn, and alluring smoked musk creates an aroma that is simultaneously captivating and enchanting.

This bewitching scent, inspired by the mystique of the series, complements the candle’s design and fosters a truly immersive experience.

The Hidden Treasure: Unveil Your Westeros-Inspired Ring

Within the wax of the Charmed Aroma Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Ring Candle lies a surprise worthy of the Iron Throne—a beautiful ring inspired by the series.

As the candle burns down, a small foil pouch emerges, harboring a ring that showcases the craftsmanship and artistry of the world of Westeros.

The ring inside is adjustable to fit sizes 5 – 10 which makes it great for gifting, or for yourself if your not sure on your ring size!

Steps to Claim Your Ring

To uncover the hidden ring within your Charmed Aroma Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Ring Candle, follow these simple steps:

  1. Light the candle and let it burn until the foil pouch becomes visible.
  2. Extinguish the flame and allow the wax to cool for a brief period.
  3. Carefully remove the foil pouch with tweezers or a similar tool.
  4. Unwrap the pouch to discover your exquisite Westeros-inspired ring.

Remember to exercise caution when retrieving the ring, as the wax and foil may be hot.

A Gift for the Game of Thrones Enthusiast

I feel like I had to share this candle, as it would make the perfect gift for any Game of Thrones fan out there. I mean, just look at how cool this thing looks!

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply expressing your love for the show, this candle is sure to delight and enchant.

With its breathtaking design, evocative fragrance, and hidden treasure, the Dragon Egg Ring Candle is an experience every fan will cherish.

Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Candle Reviews From The Community

If you’re okay with spoiling the surprise of the candle a bit and just want to see more of this candle in action, Mama Mittens on Youtube has a video of her unboxing the candle and unveiling her ring.

Check it out below and be sure to head over to her YouTube page for more great videos on Charmed Aroma candles!

Let me know what you guys think of this candle. Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments below!

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