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Our blog posts on diffusers. Learn about types, benefits, and tips for a seamless aromatic experience.

Diffusers Essential Oils

Complete Guide To Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers

August 18, 2023
best ultrasonic essential oil diffusers guide - candle junkies

Welcome back to our in-depth exploration of diffusers! Today, we’re turning our attention to ultrasonic essential oil diffusers, the recent stars of the scent world. You know those sleek, stylish diffusers you see in homes, spas, and chic boutiques? They’re likely ultrasonic, even if you didn’t recognize them by that name. These diffusers are all over the place nowadays. This post will teach you all you need to know to be an expert on them. Unlike nebulizing diffusers – which…

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Diffusers Essential Oils Reviews

Zaq Jellyfish Diffuser Review

July 13, 2015
zaq jellyfish review

To change things up a bit we thought we would review some diffusers that we have used, or are currently using with our essential oils. We love to put essential oils into the candles we make for fragrance but it is also super comforting to use them as is for aromatherapy purposes. If you have never tried using essential oils with diffusers you might be surprised at all the health benefits you are actually missing out on! In the future,…

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