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Diffusers Essential Oils Reviews

Zaq Jellyfish Diffuser Review

zaq jellyfish review

To change things up a bit we thought we would review some diffusers that we have used, or are currently using with our essential oils. We love to put essential oils into the candles we make for fragrance but it is also super comforting to use them as is for aromatherapy purposes. If you have never tried using essential oils with diffusers you might be surprised at all the health benefits you are actually missing out on! In the future, we will do some posts on which essential oils you can use for what, but in short, they can help a wide variety of health problems and have a great therapeutic use. If you haven’t tried these before, they might be something worth checking out.

rosemary oil

There are a few different types of diffusers that you can get, and while all are generally for the same purpose, they do have their distinct differences and situational uses. If you do not know what to look for don’t worry! We will go over some of the more important features to look for and how you can find one that will tailor to your personal needs. Some of the things to consider when purchasing a diffuser are:

  • How large of an area would you like the essential oil vapors to cover?
  • How long of a continuous running time will you be needing?
  • Do you need an auto shut-off feature?
  • Do you want the therapeutic properties of the oils, or just the scents?

Look for our future post which will go over these in more detail!

Zaq Jellyfish Diffuser Review

Our first review will be of the mid sized Jellyfish Diffuser from Zaq. This is an ultrasonic diffuser that has a sleek design and offers a cool LED light rotation feature. It has a mid-range price point and being that it can double as a humidifier makes it a great little diffuser for people that are just getting in to using essential oils.

zaq jellyfish

This diffuser can be found on Amazon (check current price)

Feature List:

Water Capacity: 80 ML
Operating Time: 4 Hours (I found it went longer than this)
Room Coverage: 200 – 300 square feet
Lighting: Multi-color LED
Auto Shut-off Feature: Yes
Dimensions: 4.1″ x 6.1″ (small/medium sized)

Review Rundown:

Ease of Use: Like most of the ultrasonic diffusers, the Jellyfish was very easy to get up and running. The box contained the diffuser, power cord, as well as a measuring cup as a nice little bonus for ease of adding the water inside. Ready to go in just a couple minutes.


Build Quality: The Jellyfish is made of a very lightweight and somewhat flexible plastic. This was actually quite nice to find because I feel it could withstand some falls which is always a relief if that was to ever happen. The one criticism I have is that the lid just kind of sits on top and so if someone who was unaware went to grab it or move it, they could easily knock it over and spill it. The thing is though that most diffusers have lids like this so it is just something you get used to and I believe it is like that on purpose for the convenience of it.

Presentation: The diffuser has a sleek, slanted top that will fit well with certain homes decor. The LED light feature can be set to alternating colors, one constant color, or turned completely off. While certain people may not like the varying colors it is nice to have the option to use them as they work great doubling as a nightlight for whichever room it is used in. The light can always be left off if it is not wanted.

jellyfish essential oils

Diffuser Duration: While the manufacturer lists the duration of this diffuser at 4 hours, I frequently found myself over-filling the tank with water which allowed my diffuser to run for almost the entire night. I didn’t run in to any problems doing this and getting that extra hour or two does make a difference.

Room Coverage: I was a little surprised that this little diffuser could actually send the aroma through the entire lower level of our house. Very strong output when compared to most other diffusers of this size!

Value: The price point for the Jellyfish is mid range for ultrasonic diffusers


Here is a video I found on Youtube of the setup process. It also gives a nice little preview of the diffuser running. Not sure why it is called aroma joy on the video but this IS the Jellyfish diffuser!

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