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Peruse our blog postings on candle holders. Learn how to enhance your decor and style your home effectively with the right holder.

Candle Holders Informative

Decorating With Candles – 5 Elegant Ideas

September 9, 2016
taper candle holder

The use of candles for home decorating is a relatively new concept, but it comes from an old tradition of using fire for both heat and lighting. Candles were carried through dark tunnels, hung on the walls, and set on tabletops during evening discussions. Some people even used them to tell time. Nails were inserted into tapered candles, and as they burned down, a nail would fall. Because candles were made with primarily beeswax, one could tell the rate at…

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Informative Candle Holders

7 Unique Candle Holders From PartyLite Which I Love

November 17, 2015
partylite unique candle holders

I LOVE shopping online. At the tips of your fingers you pretty much have the worlds largest shopping mall. I already use it as my primary source for finding new candles to burn, but the number of other things which you can find are limitless. One of my other favorite things to browse for online recently is unique candle holders! A good candle holder can add those much needed final touches to your homes decor or they can even act…

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Candle Holders Informative

Wine Bottle Candles and Candle Cozies.. Yes Please!

September 24, 2015
pavilion gift feature

Do you have a special occasion coming up that you can’t seem to find the right gift for? You might just be in luck. We just recently checked out a few items from a company called Pavilion Gift that has some great stuff for pretty much any occasion. Being that we are candle lovers, a few things jumped right out at us. First, is something that just about anyone will love but especially those wine lovers out there. This wine…

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Candle Holders DIY

25 Fall Inspired Candle Ideas 2022

September 17, 2015
fall feature

The leaves have started falling again and that means warm sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and best of all.. fall scented candles! It may mark the end of summer but I for one am not complaining. To celebrate the new season, I decided to put together a list (who doesn’t love lists?) of 25 fall items that are sure to put a smile on your face! 25. $6 Popcorn Candle Centerpiece – Passionate Penny Pincher 24. Fall favorite candle scents are…

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