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Wine Bottle Candles and Candle Cozies.. Yes Please!

September 24, 2015
pavilion gift feature

Do you have a special occasion coming up that you can’t seem to find the right gift for?

You might just be in luck.

We just recently checked out a few items from a company called Pavilion Gift that has some great stuff for pretty much any occasion. Being that we are candle lovers, a few things jumped right out at us.

First, is something that just about anyone will love but especially those wine lovers out there. This wine bottle candle holder comes with an LED candle that you can place underneath it to give off a nice unique flickering light effect. It’s nice not having to worry about an extra flame from a candle in the house, or having to keep replacing this with a new candle, just pop in a couple AA batteries and you’re good to go! Perfect for when you are trying to set the mood for a nice evening in at home or just to impress guests. You may have seen a couple of people try this on Pinterest with cutting of wine bottles and whatnot, but this makes the whole process just that much easier, and safer! It also arrived in a nice little decorative wooden wine bottle box that looked cute on its own!

wine led candle

wine bottle led candle

Next is an item that we had to grab with fall now being upon us. You may have seen that this was in our recent fall candles and decor list. We thought it was a great fit and is just a handy item to have if you are one of those people that really gets into holiday decorating. With these cozies you can top most small to medium sized candles and give them a little added flare. Along with this scarecrow candle cozie there are also Santa Clause toppers and more to fit other holidays or occasions!

scarecrow candle cozie

If you are stumped and in need of a gift, Pavilion Gifts might just be the place to solve your problem.

You can visit them online at their website at
Or you can find them on social media: Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Google+

Have a great week fellow candle junkies!

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