The Candle Lab Review

The Candle Lab Candles Review

The Candle Lab is a new brand for us and we are super excited to be giving them a try today. We have four different scents to try from their vast scent collection of over 120 fragrances available!

First, a little backstory on The Candle Lab.

They are a Columbus-based fragrance company that started in 2007 and have been rapidly growing ever since, expanding to their 6 current stores located in the surrounding areas.

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Not only does The Candle Lab have a wide array of fragrances but you can also visit the stores where they do custom fragrances and also allow you to come in and pour your own custom scented candles! If you happen to be in the area, this might be something unique worth checking out with friends or family. I thought it was a great idea.

As for the scents that we have our hands on in this review, we have a couple from their best sellers list as well as a couple that will fit in perfectly with the season.

The Candle Lab Review

Product Overview:

Wax type: Natural soy wax
Size: 11 oz
Price: $19 USD
Burn Time: 80 hours according to official website

The Candle Lab Review

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

Bamboo – I always find bamboo scents hard to describe but I will try and explain what it smells like to me. This bamboo scent smells like walking through a grassy landscape after a fresh rain. It’s a clean scent that has some slightly earthy notes to it. I feel that this scent would be great to freshen up a room in the home with. 8/10

Gingerbread – Ahh. Who doesn’t instantly recognize the scent of fresh gingerbread cookies? That is exactly what you are getting with this scent and boy is it a nice one for the holidays. 9/10

First Snow – In this scent, the first thing I pick up on is a hearty note of balsam which is then fleshed out by notes of peppermint and jasmine. This candle is a best seller from Candle Lab for good reason. Excellent for fall and winter. 9/10

Eucalyptus – I had this candle burning in our bathroom for the review and it was a fragrance that would fit in at a spa for sure. I picked up on some slightly soapy notes in this scent as well, but not in a negative way. It definitely made for a clean smelling fragrance that was soothing and relaxing. 8/10

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Fragrance Intensity:

These candles had a medium-high amount of scent throw to them, plenty to fill a room with fragrance fairly quickly. The holiday fragrances had the home smelling like Christmas in no time and sparked that holiday spirit within us.


A mention before we actually get into the presentation of the candles is the way that Candle Lab personalizes every order of their candles. Along with our shipment came a video message from the creators which was a very nice touch to the overall experience and shows that they truly care about each individual customer.

The candles from candle lab have a clean, bold, look to them. They chose to go with the milky white glass containers which give off that ambient glow effect when illuminated by the candle flame. And the labels feature the logo in white on a black background with lids that are solid black.

I like how clean and modern these candles look. No overdone labels with pictures that can be off-putting when placed as decor inside your home. These candles simply look great and will fit in the decor of any home no matter what the surroundings may be.

The Candle Lab Review

Burn Quality:

We found these candles to burn VERY slowly. There was no smoke or soot whatsoever when we burned our candles but the slow burn did mean that it took quite a long time to form a full melt pool.

We had each of these candles burning in a different room in the house at the same time and found that a full even melt pool was formed on two out of the four candles in about 3 hours after burning. The other two candles had some minor tunneling but nothing that the aluminum foil trick can’t correct within a few minutes. It should be noted that it is freezing up where we live right now! The wax on these candles gets a little more solid than if we were somewhere further south.

candle lab candle review9 The Candle Lab Candles Review
The Candle Lab Review


These candles will set you back $19 USD for 11 ounces or about $1.73 an ounce. While this isn’t quite a budget price point, this is an excellent price for the quality of candle that you’re getting. By seeing one of these candles burn you can tell that they are made with quality ingredients that you won’t find in candles which are sometimes double the price.

Also of note, if you head over to their website and join their newsletter you can get a coupon for 20% off your first order!