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Teak & Oud Wood – Trapp Fragrances Review

Trapp candles review tea & oud wood

We had been meaning to pick up some more Trapp candles to review on the blog lately, so it was quite the pleasant surprise when Nina from Trapp Fragrances sent us an email asking if we wanted to review some candles from their new ambiance collection. The ambiance collection features 12 of Trapps all time favorite scents repackaged into new elegant jars in two new sizes. These white jars are available in 8.75 oz and 3.75 oz options and glow from the flame of the candle which adds that lovely ambient effect, especially when in the dark.

If you are new to Trapp Fragrances, here is a little background information. They were formed in the early 1990s by a floral and interior designer named Bob Trapp in Kansas City. In 1994, Bob sold his candle concepts to his good friends who owned a consumer products company and who have been running things ever since. The scents that have come out from this brand have been cult favorites ever since and especially around Christmas time when their signature house-shaped box candles become the perfect gift ideas. It’s not just that signature packaging that makes this brand famous though, they have slowly built up a strong following through creating invigorating fragrances.

Trapp candles review tea & oud wood

Product Overview:

Brand: Trapp Fragrances
Fragrance: Teak & Oud Wood
Wax Type: Soy blend
Size: 8.75 oz vessel & 3.75 oz vessel
Price: $$$ (Check current price on Amazon)
Other Items Available: Votive candles, wax melts, reed diffusers, room sprays
Burn Time: Approx 70 hours as stated on the Trapp website

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?
On cold sniff, I picked up a light vanilla scent with some woody notes hidden beneath, nothing surprisingly strong though. Luckily, once I lit these candles up they had an excellent warm throw, especially for their size. Actually, I was also a little surprised that after one burn the cold throw on these candles picked up quite a bit and you could freshen up a smaller room just by having these candles sitting there unlit. I burned the candles each separately at first in a large high ceiling room near a screen door to our balcony. After about 20 minutes I could already pick up whiffs of a single candle which I found quite surprising given the relatively small size. The fragrance is a strong woody scent from the teak which, to help me better describe, has a minor resemblance to cedar with a more aged scent to it. While the scent is highly fragrant I didn’t find it to be too overpowering or in your face and it was rounded off nicely with notes of vanilla to give it a slightly sweet smell.

The fragrance description borrowed from the Trapp website reads:

The complex natures of Teak and Oud woods create a modern combination of dark woody and sophisticated sweet notes. Madagascar vanilla and Tonka Bean balance out this fragrance to create a smooth and spicy aroma.

While I did find the fragrance of one candle to be pretty impressive, I was sitting fairly close to it and wanted to get more scent throughout the entire room. I lit up the second candle and placed it on the other side of the room to get some more fragrance spread through the entire room. It worked wonders and soon the calming scent of teak & oud wood had flooded the entire room.

Another thing we liked about the scent is it could please most everyone. It wasn’t a harsh wooded scent that is overly masculine but it wasn’t too feminine either. Emmy and I both found it to be quite pleasant and it was a scent that had a rather calming effect to it as well.

All of the candles from the Ambiance Collection are poured in an opaque white glass for a chic, elegant look. The wax itself is also a creamy off-white, giving a monochromatic design at its finest. Within the Ambiance Collection, the only differences between the presentations of the candles are the Trapp logo near the bottom of the candle and the scent number. The color of the logo corresponds to the appropriate color for the scent – in this case, hazel for teak & oud wood scent. As we mentioned earlier, the container provides a warm, luminous glow when the candle is lit. It’s absolutely perfect when you want to relax and unwind after a long day.Trapp candles review tea & oud wood

Burn quality and longevity:
The 3.75oz candle has approximately 30 hour burn time and the 8.75oz candle has approximately 70 hour burn time. I found that the burn time actually went a while longer than the approximations due to their being only a small flame when these candles were lit. Despite these small flames the wick never actually extinguished itself, but it did cause some minor tunneling. As usual, we used the tinfoil method to get it back to an even melt and fix the problem. The paper/cotton, zinc-free wick ensured a clean, soot-free burn for long hours, which is essential when both the vessel and the wax are white.Trapp candles review tea & oud wood

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trapp fragrances

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