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November 18, 2021
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One of the best ways to set a mood is by lighting some candles. But what if the ambience you’re looking for is that of an ancient library or the high seas of a viking adventure?

What if you don’t want the traditional scents and want to take your senses on a wild ride?

Eccentric candles are starting to pop up on the market, appealing to those who want to fully immerse themselves in the fantasy worlds created for them.

While there are scents used that aren’t exactly foreign to candle connoisseurs, the novel combinations used can evoke a sense of familiarity for a fictional place.

Origins Of Spireside

Spireside Candles is a relatively new brand that went viral after their Disney Parks inspired collection debuted in 2016 and became an internet hit.

Their candles transport you to a mystical place, leaving your imagination to roam in a new world beyond the walls of your living room.

The candle company originally started as a hobby in 2013, with the candles being created for close friends and family. Then, in 2016, with the release of their Disney Parks collection, social media fell in love with the candles that reminded them of their favorite Disney attractions.

Publications like Seventeen magazine and Buzzfeed featured these candles in numerous listicles, catapulting the small business into viral stardom.

What Kind Of Candles Does Spireside Have?

Currently, the company offers a mix of soy wax candles, wax melts and whipped soaps.

The candles come in either 8 oz. or 16 oz. and 4 inches tall, while the wax melts come in individual packs with six cubes per pack. The whipped soaps also come in jars and are completely vegan.

8 oz. candles have a burn time of over 70 hours, while the 16 oz. candles have a burn time of more than 120 hours. The 8 oz. candles go for $28 per jar; the wax melts $9 per pack; and the whipped soaps are $22 per jar.

While the products are a bit on the expensive side, Spireside Candles does offer a subscription box that allows buyers to save 15 percent.

These boxes come in three options:

  • one whipped soap and two wax melts
  • one large double wick 16 oz. candle and two wax melts
  • one large double wick 16 oz. candle and one whipped soap

These boxes are hand-selected by the company and feature a mix of their bestsellers, new releases and seasonal favorites.

Top 3 Best Spireside Candles

Enchanted Library

enchanted library spireside candles best candles Our Thoughts On Spireside Candles

For all the Beauty and the Beast fans, or just those who wish they were within the walls of an ancient library, the Enchanted Library is one of the company’s most iconic and notable scents.

Featured in this candle are the scents of aged library books, wild roses and a hint of leather.

The company does recommend trying this as a wax melt before committing to the full candle as this unique mixture of scents may not hit everyone’s noses correctly.

Ghostly Castle

ghostly castle spireside best candle scents Our Thoughts On Spireside Candles

If you prefer a more haunting smell, then the Ghostly Castle may be the perfect fit.

Inspired by Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, this candle features the scents of musty carpets, dusty furnishings and graveyard grasses.

Now, if you aren’t exactly sure what those are supposed to smell like, the best way to describe it would be musty, old and slightly smokey.

The Headless Horseman’s Ride

headless horsemans ride spireside best candle scents Our Thoughts On Spireside Candles

Spireside candle’s “fall in a jar” fragrance.

This one, inspired by “Sleepy Hollow”, is the all encompassing fall candle and is our favorite scent from the company.

Described as: “crushed pumpkins, trampled leaves, and steaming mulled cider”, this candle is pretty true to scent and is similar to some of the fall scents

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