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RoyalTea Candles Review

royaltea review feature

Up for review today we have the jewelry candle from RoyalTea Candles. When the company’s founder, Andrew, was looking to his mother’s birthday he stumbled across another company that makes jewelry candles and loved the idea of it all, but wanted to know what type of jewelry his mother would be getting. This was the spark that was the beginning of RoyalTea Candles.

The thing that sets these candles apart from the others is that you have a range of jewelry to pick from along with picking your scent and that exact piece of jewelry will be put into the candle that you buy. It takes the guessing out of the equation when you just want to give someone a great gift and love the idea of gifts stored within candles.

This does of course make the candle you buy more pricey as you know that you will not be getting some cheap costume jewelry inside of your candle. To me this sounds like a great idea although only for gifting. I don’t foresee anyone getting one of these “custom candles” for themselves as it kind of defeats the whole purpose of everything. Because of this, they also have the option of surprise candles similar to the other jewelry or ring candle companies.

royaltea candles

Product Overview

Wax Type: 100% Soy Natural Candles
Size: 18 oz
Price: $25 USD For the surprise version of the candle, but price varies for the custom candles according to piece of jewelry selected
Jewelry Surprise: Random piece of jewelry in surprise candles, pick and choose in the custom candle
Reveal Type: You will find a tag with the piece of jewelry inside your candle
Possible Jewelry Value: From $20 – $3000 in surprise candles
Other Items Available: Custom or surprise candles
Burn Time: Around 60 hours

Our candle used in this review was the Hazelnut Coffee scented candle and boy did it smell nice.. It came heavily wrapped in plastic but you could smell it before the wrappings even came off.

royaltea surprise

The candle itself comes in an awesome large glass tea mug (with a handle!). So once you finish burning this candle you can wash it out and have a nice decorative mug which you can use for whatever you would like. Another thing that you will notice right away when receiving one of these candles is that there is a small chain hanging over the outside of the mug and feeding into the solid candle wax. This chain is attached to your piece of jewelry inside of the candle and is there to just make things easier when you want to pull out your jewelry after the candle has burned down far enough. It’s a cute feature that does come in handy as you will know if you have ever dug into another type of jewelry candle to get your foil wrapped surprise.

The candle itself is a 100% soy wax candle with 2 wicks allowing them to use thinner wicks and have less chance for soot that larger wicks can cause. The two wicks also helps in letting the candle burn without issue, making the wax melt to the container walls easier.

Review Rundown

Presentation: With RoyalTea Candles the presentation is very unique and feels like it is made with love like something that you would find at a small-town craft shop. It has a very simple printed label but it is made up for with the great cup container it is poured in. The chain tag which hangs over the side of the candle is also a nice touch.

Fragrance Intensity: The cold smell of this candle is nearly unbeatable with other jewelry candles. The scent strength is only made even better when the candle is burning. Good throw and pleasant scents to be had with this candle.

royaltea candles review

Ring/Jewelry Quality: The quality of the jewelry found in RoyalTea Candles were higher than usual being that this was a smaller company. You can view some of the jewelry that can be found within the candles on the website itself. In our hazelnut coffee candle we received a cute necklace that had a tag valuing it at $40. The smaller value range of $20 – $3000 may seem like a bad thing at first but I believe you will have better odds of getting something in the $50+ range when compared to the other brands because of this.

Candle Performance: The double wick on this candle is a big plus. Two thin wicks will always beat out one thicker one in my opinion. The only problem that I had with the candle was that one of the wicks was trimmed down a bit too short and it caused it to drown out a couple times in the beginning. Once it burned down a little deeper and had more wick coming through the candle burned down perfectly all the way to the bottom. I’m certain the small wick issue wouldn’t happen with every candle that you get but it was just a small issue that I thought I would point out.

royaltea candles

Scent Variety: RoyalTea Candles come in 19 standard scents at the time of this review

Price: $25 USD for a surprise jewelry candle


$30 – $55 USD for a custom jewelry candle depending on the piece of jewelry chosen

Other Notes: The stand out features with these candles to me were the great choice of container the candle came in and the chain attached to the jewelry for easy removal. That may not sound like much but once you try these candles out you will wish they every other brand did the same thing. This along with a great smelling candle and the choice of jewelry in the candles as gifts set RoyalTea Candles apart from the ever growing pack of jewelry candle companies.

RoyalTea Candles Reveal

royaltea reveal
The chain attached to the jewel sure makes for easy removal!

royaltea reveal two

Candle Junkies Approved Candles

royaltea necklace

Inside we found a cute necklace valued at $40

royaltea review

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  • Reply Karen June 24, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    Royaltea just closed shop per their Facebook page.

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