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Candle Review: The Masculine Scents of Ranger Station Candles

ranger station candle review

It might be hard to believe at first but even guys like scented candles. Honestly, all of my guy friends ask me what candles they should get because they want something that smells good but not girly. If you were to take a quick look around any major candle outlet 5 years ago basically all you would see is candle scents that are primarily targeted at women. Passion fruit martini? Shea butter? Not generally the first scents that come to mind when a guy is looking for a nice accent to his bedroom.

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Luckily, this is all changing. More and more candle companies are beginning to produce scents targeted specifically at men. And we’re not talking about the gag candles with those horrendous scents which are a joke, we mean well thought out scents that a man will be proud to show off.


Ranger Station Candles is one of the brands that is looking to change the perception of candles for men. We were sent some samples of their wilderness inspired scent collection to try out and we were more than happy to give them a go.

Product Overview:

Wax Type: Natural Soy Wax
Scent: Leather + Pine in the 11 oz candle. Tealights we sampled were: Amber + Clove, Fire, Tobacco + Musk, and Oakmoss
Sizes: 11 oz candles that double as cocktail glasses once there are used up
Price: $$
Burn Time: Not stated, but typical 11 oz candles burn for approximately 45 hours
Wick: Double wick

ranger station candles

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

For this section we will go scent by scent and give our thoughts on each from their collection.

First up..

ranger station leather and pine

Scent NO. 001 | Leather + Pine: This is the full sized candle which we received from the Ranger Station collection. The fragrance of this candle transports you to a woodsy cabin with luxurious leather furniture surrounded by a never ending forest of pine trees. Smoky yet sharp aroma of leather pairs perfectly with the fresh scent of pine. We loved that this fragrance is so refreshing and never too heavy. It’s a perfect addition to an outdoorsy man’s (or a woman’s ) room decor. 8/10

Scent NO. 002 | Amber + Clove: This scent is the lightest and the most unisex fragrance out of all the Ranger Station collection that we’ve tried. Sweet, woody scent of amber mixed with a spicy scent of cloves is a match made in heaven. This clean fragrance truly brings warmth and relaxation to any room. 7.5/10

Scent NO. 003 | Fire: This candle brings back the memories of sitting by a crackling, smoky campfire all night long with some  great company. We don’t know how they did it, but it REALLY smells like a bonfire. When you reminisce the camping days, just light this candle and you can re-live those unforgettable summer nights. 6.5/10

Scent NO. 005 | Tobacco + Musk: This candle is our personal favourite. This complex yet delicate mixture of aromas are unlike any other candles that we’ve tried before. The tobacco leaf  (which is nothing like the smell of cigarettes) is earthy and sweet and it blends perfectly with the warmth of the musk. This candle can be used in any room or an office space, and it’ll fit perfectly in a man cave 😉 10/10

ranger station oakmoss

Scent NO. 006 | Oakmoss: This fragrance reminds us of some of the most commonly used colognes for men. It’s comparable to the scent of an evergreen forest that had just stopped raining. Earthy, tree bark like fragrance with a sweet undertone makes this candle one of the freshest scent that we have tried. We just can’t get enough! 9/10

Fragrance Intensity:

We found that some fragrances are more intense than others. However, all candles from Ranger Station collection does an excellent job of instantly filling up the room with their intoxicating aroma. Also, if you prefer less intense fragrances or if you are planning on using these candles in a small space or an office space, we suggest the 3 “Middle” or “Less intense” candles mentioned below.

ranger station candle company

More intense: Oakmoss, Fire

Middle: Tabacco + Musk, Leather +Pine

Less intense: Amber + Clove


We love the fact that all Ranger Station candles can be later used as your favourite cocktail glass. (perfect for an old fashioned) All candles are in a sophisticated, simple, sturdy glass, which is excellent for when it is used as a cocktail glass. The wax used in all of their candles is white so it’ll match with any manly room decor that you may already have 😉 The packaging was also simple yet trendy; made for a modern gentleman in mind.

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ranger station contents

ranger station included matches

Candle Junkies Approved Candles

A stylish box of matches comes with every Ranger Station candle which is always a bonus!

Burn Quality and Longevity:

There was absolutely no problem with the burn quality of these candles. The double wick definitely helped to even the burn and the wax pool remained consistent throughout. There was no sooting nor pooling around the wick and we really have nothing bad to say about these candles. 45 hour burn time is excellent for this size.

Cost and Value:

The Ranger Station uses high-quality ingredients to make their candles, so it’s not a surprising that their candles are not the cheapest you can get in stores. But considering the value that you get out of these candles, they are definitely cost effective. (Plus you get a cocktail glass out of it!)  They’ll make a perfect gift for your significant other 🙂 [rwp-review id=”0″]

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