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Our 7 Favorite Candles That Smell Like The Beach

February 2, 2022
our favorite candles that smell like the beach candlejunkies

Bringing the feel of beach vacations into the home in small and exciting ways can make every day feel a little more fun and relaxing. We’ve found an excellent selection of quality candles that smell exactly like a day at the beach with warm sand underfoot and the sun bright in the sky.

Check out these amazing picks to cure your seasonal blues, and let your daydreams take you straight to paradise.

The 7 Best Beach Smelling Candles You Can Buy, Ranked!

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7. Yankee Candle Beach Walk

best candles that smell like the beach yankee beach walk 2 Our 7 Favorite Candles That Smell Like The Beach

This refreshing floral candle brings the saltwater smell of sea waves into your home, highlighting your afternoon with energizing sea musk and sharp notes of tangerine. Yankee Candles can burn up to 110 hours based on their size and are made with quality paraffin wax that burns evenly throughout the day.

We love this candle for its distinctive true-to-life scent and premium materials. Every Yankee Candle fan should try this adventure in a jar and bring new excitement to the day.

Price: $

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6. Fig & Fire Ocean Breeze

ocean breeze fig and fire candles top beach smelling candles Our 7 Favorite Candles That Smell Like The Beach

Don’t let winter get you down. Try this refreshing candle that carries notes of sea salt, creamy coconut and pink orchid. Enjoy light florals and the tang of salt in the air while imagining walks along the beach in the moonlight. This gorgeous candle is great for peaceful afternoons at home reading your favorite book or enjoying a charming movie.

Fig & Fire is a great brand that uses all-natural, vegan soy wax infused with heavenly essential oils. This beach scented candle is a great addition for those looking to expand their collection or prepare for a near trip to the beach.

Price: $$

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5. Homesick Beach Cottage

homesick candle beach house favorite ocean scented candles Our 7 Favorite Candles That Smell Like The Beach

This is one of the best candles that smell like the beach. Enjoy notes of sandalwood and bergamot along with hints of plumeria and musk. While breathing deeply from this candle, imagine warm sand underfoot and shiny shells littering the ground. Bask in a beach fantasy with bright blue skies and clear water for up to 80 hours with this luxurious candle.

Homesick is a quality brand that uses custom essential oils and a non-toxic, natural soy wax blend. This is a gorgeous staycation candle perfect for daydreams and fantasies that take place on the beach.

Price: $$

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4. LAFCO Sea & Dune

best beach candle lafco sea and dune Our 7 Favorite Candles That Smell Like The Beach

LAFCO strives to create beach candles that open up the mind and evoke the luxurious feeling of seeing the waves roll in. With hints of lotus, seagrass and amber, this candle brings to mind sweet sunlight dancing across the water. Enjoy a relaxing, soothing scent that brings patience and stillness to the day.

LAFCO uses highly concentrated essential oils that maintain a strong scent throughout the burning. The brand’s largest candle size can burn up to 120 hours. LAFCO candles are made mostly from soy wax and just a touch of paraffin for that distinct enhanced scent.

Price: $$$

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3. Maison Margiela Replica Beach Vibes

replica beach vibes best beach scented candles Our 7 Favorite Candles That Smell Like The Beach

Remember endearing moments and experiences on vacations in the past with this gorgeous candle. Made with charming notes of bergamot, coconut milk, pink pepper and cedarwood, this candle transports you to the gorgeous sandy beach of your dreams. Watch the waves ebb and flow, throwing salty droplets that dry on the skin.

This French candle burns for about 40 hours and is made with quality ingredients. Ocean candles strive to bottle the chaos and majesty of the beach waves into a rich, relaxing scent that fills the home and mind with bliss.

Price: $$$$

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2. Skandinavisk HAV Mini

skandinavisk hav distant shores best smelling beach candles Our 7 Favorite Candles That Smell Like The Beach

This candle brings the scent of sea air and stormy waves right into the home. Enjoy being teleported to the beaches of the northernmost waters of the world. Bask in the musky smell of salt spray and sea kelp combined with hints of hawthorn and beach rose that encapsulate the storminess of the Arctic and North Atlantic waters.

This candle is created with a blend of perfume and Swedish rapeseed wax. With a pure cotton week and quality ingredients, this candle burns for about 20 hours.

Price: $$$

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1. Tocca Montauk Candela

tocca montauk salt air best beach candle Our 7 Favorite Candles That Smell Like The Beach

For a more energetic beach fantasy full of adventure, try this sea air candle that brings notes of salt, cucumber and wild mint to the home. The candle first releases a natural fresh scent that brings to mind clean air and grass. Then the candle melds into beach apple, warm jasmine and sandalwood to create a deep beach musk.

Tocca uses a blend of paraffin and vegetable wax along with a cotton wick to create a gorgeous, long-lasting candle. Plan frequent moments during the day to light Montauk Candela for some much-needed relaxation and enchanting beach dreams.

Price: $$$

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  • Reply LC August 3, 2022 at 10:37 pm

    Any idea on who manufactured RH kitchen candles? I loved the Shore fragrance and looking a dupe. I am currently having YC “Catching rays” but when it’s burning it’s not remotely scented like the RH one was. Ty.

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