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  1. I am Head Copywriter at Hotel Collection, a luxury lifestyle brand with scenting products inspired by top hotels and resorts around the world. COVID altered many people’s priorities, with a huge shift towards purchasing home, skincare and lifestyle products. Hotel Collection took advantage of this time to bring the hotel home.

    Our blog hosts so much informative posts ranging from:
    • Eco-conscious
    • How To
    • Candle Care 101
    • Staycation

    Our cult-favorite fragrance is My Way, inspired by the 1 Hotel in South Beach, Florida.

    We would love the opportunity to be featured on your page. Please reach out if interested in discussing further.


    Katherine Hoey
    Head Copywriter
    Hotel Collection

  2. Any idea on who manufactured RH kitchen candles? I loved the Shore fragrance and looking a dupe. I am currently having YC “Catching rays” but when it’s burning it’s not remotely scented like the RH one was. Ty.

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