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My Jolie Candle Review

February 1, 2016
cherry blossom scented candle 2 My Jolie Candle Review

My Jolie Candle is a jewelry candle company which many here in North America may have never heard of before. They are based out of France and were founded by Samuel and Victor; two passionate men who set out with the simple goal of putting a smile on a woman’s face through an exciting and inexpensive gift. Victor and Samuel also founded the My Jolie sister brand Popup Paris, which makes candles with a 1 in 50 chance of containing a real diamond inside them.

The concept of My Jolie candles are similar to the jewelry candles which we have all come to know and love but with their own twist. These chic candles all contain jewelry inside with Swarovski elements at a minimum £20 commercial value. There are over 100 unique jewelry pieces featuring these crystals inside, but their is a chance that your candle can contain jewelry made from real gold and diamonds worth £200, £1000, or £5000. Unlike most of the other brands around here, you can tell if you have real diamonds in your ring if you can see the jewel from inside the band. If you opt for a necklace or bracelet, you can tell if you have a piece worth  £200, £1000, or £5000 because there will be a small medallion on the chain with an engraved diamond on it.

For this review, we chose the cherry blossom candle from their selection of 10 different scents.

Product Overview:

Wax Type: Mixture of natural vegetable and soy oils and waxes
Scent: Cherry blossom or “Fleur De Cerisier”
Jewelry Value: £20 – £5000
Size: 6 oz approx
Price: £19.90
Burn Time: 35 hours
Wick: Cotton wick

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

I only had the opportunity to test out just one of these candles, but from that I found a lot that I liked. In the scent department, the cherry blossom candle was mild but spot on. It didn’t carry a ton of scent but I found that when I had it going in a small room it really smelled great.

Fragrance Intensity:

I’m not certain if all of the candles by My Jolie are lightly scented, but this one most definitely is. It’s mild, delicate scent is only picked up here and there when placed in an average sized room. I would recommend that if you enjoy the scent, that you place it in either a bathroom or small bedroom.

Jewelry Quality:

I loooove the way that My Jolie chose their jewelry for these candles. The minimum commercial value of the jewelry inside is £20, and the variety of these pieces is pretty good. The silver jewelry is made from Swarovski elements and all the pieces that I have seen have been very nice.


The presentation department was where this candle really shined. The people over at My Jolie really know a thing or two about aesthetics. It came in a small, chic box that contained the candle, a note, and also a small package of coloured pencils? Yes.. I’m not sure exactly what the pencils were for but it was a cool addition to the entire package.

Aside from great packaging, this candle also had some label design that was a perfect fit. Each candle shared the same diamond shaped label with the company’s script text in the centre and a different patterned border for each scent. When I had this candle lit beside my bathtub, I just remember the glow, paired with the label and white wax looked really great together.

Burn Quality and Longevity:

I had no issues with the way this candle burned. A even wax pool that reached to both sides of the small, glass container formed within an hour of burning.

This is a small candles and the 35 hour estimate was fairly accurate.

Cost and Value:

Price: £19.90 for 6 oz = £3.32 per ounce

A fairly expensive jewelry candle for it’s size, but that is partly because of currency.

It should be noted that these are only available to the UK readers out there, so sadly, the rest of us won’t be able to buy them.

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