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JewelScent Review

jewelscent review

If you have seen our “Top 5 Ring Candles” list, you may already know what we think of JewelScent. Every JewelScent candle that we’ve tried has been well above our expectations and they never cease to amaze us with their high-quality candles. When we think of JewelScent, we think of smooth, clean-burning wax, blended with luxurious fragrances, topped with the finest designs out of any of the ring candles out there.

jewel in every candle

With JewelScent, we had a tough time completing a comprehensive review that we were proud of. The candles from JewelScent that we were planning on reviewing had already been discontinued and in addition, the fact that they don’t ship their candles to Canada means that we only get to try these candles every so often (sadly). We had previously been using a third party shipping service to get these candles up to us and that meant that by the time a package had arrived at our door we had spent about $90 CAD on our candle. It wasn’t something that we were willing to do often needless to say. Recently, however, we were contacted by the team at JewelScent to complete a more in-depth review of their candles and we jumped at the opportunity!

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Today, we will be reviewing Calm Lavender from the Classic Collection and Creme Brulee from the Luxe Collection. Now on to the review…

Product Overview

Wax Type: Natural soy blend
Size: Calm Lavender: 16oz. wax in a 21oz. container. Creme Brulee: 18oz. wax in a 22oz. container.
Price: Calm Lavender: $24.99. Creme Brulee: $44.99
Surprise: Ring
Reveal Type: Code attached to the ring which can be entered on their website to find out its value. If a golden token is found, the prize is valued at $100 or more and can be redeemed for high-value jewels by emailing
Possible Jewelry Value: $20 – $7500 for Calm Lavender (or any Classic Collection candles) $40 – $7500 for Creme Brulee (or any Luxe Collection)
Other Items Available: Body creams, body scrubs, soaps, beads, and wax tarts
Burn Time: Approximately 100 hour burn time for Calm Lavender and 120 hour burn time for Creme Brulee

Review Rundown

Is It Scent-sational?

Calm Lavender Scent:

We have recently reviewed a lavender scented candle from another company and we must say, even though they are both lavender fragrance, they smell completely different from each other. The Calm Lavender contains hints of sheer wood and geranium which is similar to the scent of roses. Just from the initial scent before the candle was lit, we noticed a subtle musky smell from the sheer wood which complimented the floral scent of lavender very well. This candle would be perfect to use during a bubble bath to add relaxation and unwind after a long, busy day.

Creme Brulee Scent:

The first thing that came into our minds when we sniffed the Creme Brulee scent was the addictive, tantalizing smell of caramel popcorn. It’s rare for a caramel or vanilla based scented candle to not be overly sweet but this candle provides just the right amount of sweetness and we are OBSESSED. The aroma of rich vanilla custard topped with caramelized sugar glaze adds luxe to any room that you light this candle in. The fragrance is so mouthwatering and decadent, it’ll make you want to indulge in this aroma forever.

luxe candle

Other fragrances available include ‘Bamboo Rain’, ‘Italian Meringue’, ‘Honey Nectarine Blossom’ plus many more.

Fragrance Intensity:

JewelScent uses high-quality essential oils in all of their products so we weren’t surprised when the room was instantly filled with extravagant aroma once the candles were lit. However, we noticed that both Calm Lavender and Creme Brulee scents are not overly noticeable when they are unlit. Generally, we recommend using the candles in a large, open area when they are lit because of how intense the scent can get. Overall, we found that Creme Brulee candle held slightly more fragrance than the Calm Lavender, but since the lavender candle is supposed to be soothing, it was perfect that the fragrance wasn’t overpowering.

Jewelry Quality:

JewelScent seems to have worked out a very good system for their jewelry. This may stem co-founder; Sara Nguyen’s connection to a successful family run costume jewelry business where she learned the ins and outs of it all. The rings that I have seen from JewelScent have all been quite varied and beautiful.

The system for appraising your jewelry with JewelScent is also the most straightforward of all the ring candle companies out there in my opinion.

  1. Find your ring inside your candle.
  2. Enter the code attached to your ring on their website to reveal it’s value.

If you find a gold token like the one below inside your JewelScent it means it is valued at over $100 and can then be redeemed for higher value jewels.


The value of jewelry found inside JewelScent Candles ranges from $20 – $7500 for the ‘Signature’ and ‘Classic’ line of candles and in the range of $40 – $7500 for the ‘LUXE’ line of candles. There is also a ‘Trio’ line of candles which are larger candles that contain 3 surprise rings valued at $20 – $7500 each.

We didn’t quite hit the jackpot with our two candles in this review but that is not to say that we didn’t like the jewelry we ended up with! Our jewelry was valued at $40 for the LUXE candle and $25 for the Classic candle. So just barely over the minimum values possible this time.

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Below are the rings we found inside our two candles from JewelScent:

jewelscent rings


The designs of JewelScent candles are simply gorgeous. Each candle has its own unique design but they all have a semi-transparent look in common. The candle containers are elegant and modern, yet simple enough to match with any room no matter which candle you may choose. We found that many candles, especially the ring candles, contain bright colors that are often too flashy or tacky. All JewelScent candles contain smooth, creamy white wax which makes their candles even more chic, stylish and sophisticated.

Unlike any other ordinary ring candles, the Creme Brulee candle and others in the ‘LUXE’ collection are shorter in height and with a wider base. At times, the melted wax pool appears to be like the sugar glaze on top, similar to the real Creme Brulee 🙂

Just from the designs alone, our top favorites are Calm Lavender, Sheer Dahlia, and Cactus Flower all from the Classic Collection.



Burn Quality:

These candles burn great, but a little more care is necessary on the users end for the wick. While the wick chosen looks to be made from a great material and is large enough to ensure there is no tunneling that will occur, we found ourselves trimming it often ton ensure no soot. There was some minor carbon build up on the tip of the wick which is a sign that the wick may be slightly too big, but for this candle, I was happy to have that rather than tunneling issues.

The melt pool on these candles were consistent and near 1/2 inch deep their entire burn through.



Scent Variety:

JewelScent has 5 different scent groups and they are… Endless Summer, Aromatherapy Spa, Cheers!, Down By The Boardwalk and Hawaiian Isle.

-Endless Summer contains some refreshing collection of candles such as Beach House, Deep Sea Mist, and Summer Nights.

-Aromatherapy Spa has some of the most therapeutic and aromatic scents yet. They include Cleanse, Soothe, Balance, and Energize.

-Cheers! is a collection of crisp cocktails perfect for summer. Tropical Margarita, Blueberry Bellini, and Mint Julep are some of our favorites.

-Down By The Boardwalk brings back childhood memories of carnival treats and boardwalk eats. They include Rootbeer Float, Waffle Cone and Cotton Candy.

-Hawaiian Isle brings a tropical escape to your home. Guava Mai Tai, Chocolate Macadamia, and Maui Breeze are some of their products in the collection.

Overall, the fragrance variety is not as wide as some of their competitors, but every scent that we have tried has been EXCELLENT. Remember, quality over quantity 😉

Candle Junkies Approved Candles


JewelScent actually has a few different price points for their candles. Their wax tarts are the cheapest at $16.99 while their ‘Trio’ candles will set you back $74.99 but also contain 3 times the amount of jewelry. Here is a full listing of their standard candle prices and the amount of jewelry within:

Wax Melt (1): $16.99
Signature Candle (1): $23.99
Classic Candle (1): $24.99
LUXE Candle (1 Higher min value): $44.99
Trio Candle (3): $74.99

Other Notes:

A variety of other items such as body scrubs, soaps, and fragrance beads are available as well with jewelry inside.

JewelScent only ships within the U.S. JewelScent now ships to the United States, Canada, and I believe the UK as well!

JewelScent Candles with rings inside

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  • Reply Karynn Campbell July 28, 2016 at 4:30 am

    JewelScent also has an amazing consultant opportunity! This is a wonderful company to work with and they offer lots of training and support.

  • Reply Christina Taylor February 16, 2017 at 4:17 am

    I love jewelscent, It’s the best candle company out there!
    Jewelscent has the best scented candles and I love the variety. The scents smell like the real thing! Plus since the soy-wax has Moroccan Argan Oil in it I use it as a moisturizer, and as a perfume because of essential oils! It makes my skin so soft. Shh even my husband likes it on his feet lol. And the jewelry it beautiful! It’s very high quality and I get a lot of compliments on all my rings. They also have a great rewards system when you host a Facebook party! Best I have seen from any company including non candle companies.

  • Reply jaes June 13, 2020 at 2:57 pm

    extremely intriguing post.this is my first time visit here.

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