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April 26, 2016
jic haul review

In the previous review for Jewelry In Candles that we did in June of last year we focused on the ‘scent of the month’ at that time ‘Rose Zinfandel’. With this review we grabbed 3 different candles, including one that is a limited edition candle which contains a bonus prize.

I hope that this review can give everyone a more in depth look at the candles and decide if these are the ring candles for you.

The Jewelry Candles In This Haul..

Fool Me? Or Fool Me Not? Candle

fool me fool me not

This candle is one of the limited edition candles that are part of bigger giveaways that happen every few months at Jewelry In Candles. These candles that are only on sale for a limited time all contain a bonus prize in addition to the jewelry surprise of your choosing. Bonus prizes in these candles are quite varied, sometimes containing bonus points for JIC’s rewards program, various gift cards, even up to high end gaming consoles, and a grand prize in the giveaway of a 14K white gold tennis bracelet that is valued at $10000! Bonus prizes in this giveaway are redeemed by entering a code found inside the candle on the Jewelry In Candles website here.

Love Potion Candle

love potion candle

The ‘Love Potion’ candle is one of the past candles which Jewelry In Candles had in stock but with one of the new revamped labels. I loved the way that the new candle design looked and had to see it in person. If you remember back to the Jewelry In Candles review which I did a few months ago, one of the gripes that I had with this company was that the labels didn’t look all that elegant. This seems to be a step in the right direction in the looks department, so we’ll see how the candle is overall!

Day at the Spa Candle

day at the spa

This candle just stood out to me personally from the wide JIC selection of scents. I mean.. who doesn’t love a day at the spa? I’m all for bringing those comforting, relaxing fragrances into my home. Lemongrass, lime and patchouli essential oils? Check. Check. And Check. I’m super excited to see how this candle works out!

Product Overview

Wax Type: Hand poured, 100% Soy wax candle
Size: 16 oz (453 g) wax, 21 oz jars
Price: The special edition candle went for $34.95 while the other two cost $24.95 each
Shipping: You can save on shipping by ordering a certain amount of candles in one shipment. See website for exact prices.
Jewelry Surprise: Choice in rings, necklace, or earrings with rings of all sizes in mens and womens
Limited Edition Prize: The ‘Fool Me? Fool Me Not?’ candles all contain an additional prize along with jewelry and entry into the draw of a $10000 grand prize.
Reveal Type: Limited edition candle prize codes can be entered on the website. For regular candles a tag will be attached to high valued pieces.
Possible Jewelry Value: $10 – $10000+
Other Items Available: Wax melts

jewelry in candles

Review Rundown

Presentation: Like I said in the introduction to this review, we had previously not been the biggest fans of the labels on these candles. The limited edition candle has a split blue and green label which represents the two scents which are layered into this candle and also features an image of a jester on the front. The ‘Day at the Spa’ candle has a label depicting petals and stones along with a green wax to go along with it. Both of these candles look ok, but pale in comparison to the third candle here. The ‘Love Potion’ candle has a redesigned label that is a big improvement aesthetically in my opinion. The pink wax, with a label that compliments the scent and color perfectly and you have a home-run with the presentation on this candle. This is my favorite looking candle of all in JIC’s catalog.

love potion and day at the spa

Fragrance Intensity: As always with JIC candles, the scent throw and intensity is extraordinary. Along with the scent descriptions of each candle on the JIC website is a little image that shows the intensity of each fragrance. All three of the candles in this haul are marked with the ‘moderate’ intensity label which leaves me to wonder how strong a ‘intense’ labelled candle is. The amount of fragrance on these candles is amazing. Not too little, not too overpowering. As for the scents themselves, I did have a favorite..

Scent Ratings

Fool Me? Fool Me Not? – This candle is two layers and poured half mango tangerine scent and half lemon drop with grapefruit. The scents was bold and fruity. The mango tangerine was a little too fruity for my liking. I enjoyed the other half of this scent a little more than the first. The little hint of grapefruit was a nice touch to make the candle come together. 6/10

fool me? fool me not

Love Potion – This concoction of scents is made up of cherry blossom, citrus, hydrangea, apple, peach and infused with orange and grapefruit essential oils. These scents come together so well and make for one of the best smelling candles I’ve tried from Jewelry In Candles. I especially found that the orange and peach played off each other extremely well in this fragrance. I highly recommend trying out this scent! 10/10

love potion

Day at the Spa – Another great scent with this candle. This citrus comes up in this one similarly to the love potion candle but is a little more light with it. As one would expect, this candle gave off a really relaxing scent that was rounded out with lemongrass and patchouli. 9/10

day at the spa candle

Ring/Jewelry Quality: Sadly, I still have yet to find anything of real value in the jewelry pieces found in the JIC candles. Not that some of the rings haven’t looked nice, but I still haven’t hit a lucky one worth any more than approximately $25 – $30. The reveal for the limited edition candle this time was an added little bonus and I was excited to find what else I had won besides the main jewelry surprise. On that front, I found my bonus prize to be a 40 bonus rewards points coupon. Nothing extremely valuable, but with that many points, I basically had my choice between most any of the pieces from the rewards section at the time! If you are unfamiliar with the rewards, they are basically bonuses pieces of jewelry which you can choose for yourself and the selection is always changing. There were some very nice looking rings with all the birthstones as gems to choose from.

jewelry in candles

Candle Performance: The performance on these candles is incredible. This aspect may just be where they have the big edge over the other jewelry candle companies. All three of these candles, not to mention the ones I’ve tried previously, burned perfectly the entire way down. You will get wax that melts right to all sides of the container with little need for wick maintenance at all. These candles throw scent even when you just take off their lids and leave them unlit. Jewelry In Candles is one of, if not THE best in this department.

April 22 part2 004
april 25 023
April22 1260
April22 1268

Price: You get your average ring candle price here that is $24.95. The only difference is in the limited edition candle you spend $34.95 but with that you get chances for extra prizes. Another way to offset that cost would be to join as a rep and take advantage of their 30% off for personal purchases but unless you plan on selling some of these candles on the side, or making many future purchases, it may not be worthwhile for your while

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