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Innovative Candles for Sure Fire Fun

candle by the hour

Looking to have some fun with your candles? You’re in luck – because nowadays there’s a whole array of incredible, unique candles to choose from.

Simple and functional candles date far back to antiquity, yet recent years witnessed large, imaginative leaps in candle design. Candles have been shaped into much more than a block of wax, a wick and a way to light up your room.

Here are a few of our favorite ingenuous candles, sure to wow everyone who loves to burn the wax any time of day or night. They’ll add character to your home, or make a great gift for friends who appreciate the creative (and a bit quirky!) side of life. With candles that count time, cork your wine or burn a hole in your bank account, there’s no limit to the entertaining ideas that have been cast in wax.

wine cork candles
Wine Bottle Cork Candle Holder

Crafted with perfect detail, these waxy corks will slide right into the mouth of your favorite bottle of wine. Gourmet foodies won’t be able to inhale enough of their rich wine fragrance. They’ll also provide you with a great excuse to hold onto that empty bottle of Bordeaux Cabernet, so you can gracefully flaunt your expensive taste. Light them up as a glowing, romantic centerpiece on any table for two, or bring them as a hostess gift (and conversation starter) next time you’re invited to a wine and cheese party. Made from paraffin and available in a set of four, their dimensions mimic authentic corks.

lego birthday candles
Lego Candles

Think birthday party or game night. These blocky candles can be set playfully on your table as festive décor for a get-together of children or adults. With vibrant, primary colors and a classic, beloved shape, they express pure childish fun. While not official Lego brand products, they closely resemble the real McCoy. Their geometric shape is irresistible to anyone who tinkers with construction sets, so when lit – be sure to place them out of reach of any little hands!

candle by the hour
Candle by the Hour

Candles by the Hour allow you to count down the days hour by hour. Available in a range of lengths that last from 40 to 144 hours, these unique candles are composed of flexible beeswax coils. With a touch of vintage style, wax is wound and mounted on a novel copper stand with a spring-loaded clip. All you need to do is place 3 inches of the wax rope through the clip and watch it burn with a pleasant, gentle glow for approximately one hour before self-extinguishing. Choose from a variety of forms, such as vertical, horizontal, pillars, a beehive complete with mini bees, or a whimsical green tree shape dotted with seasonal ornaments. All versions are 100% natural, unscented, dripless and friendly to the environment. Don’t despair; after the final hour fizzles out, coiled refills are available.

money candle
Money to Burn

Who doesn’t dream about having extra wads of money to burn? These bunches of $100 greenbacks are instant attention grabbers, especially when you set them ablaze. Wrapped in a $10,000 band, there are three wicks that allow you to burn through your fortune at an even pace. The Money to Burn candle fits the bill as an awesome gift for your friend who already has it all.

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