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Holiday Candles

Include Candles in Your Next Halloween Party Decorating Scheme

halloween decorating with candles

Halloween is one of the best times of the year as far as party decorations go. There are plenty of different design schemes to choose from, ranging between classic (think pumpkins, black cats, and creepy witch cut-outs) to spooky and unusual (creative touches that are more modern, yet rather creepy at the same time.) No matter the type of designs, consider adding some candles to the mix, as they add an entirely different dimension to your holiday decorating.

Look For A Creepy Luminaryhalloween luminaries


A luminary is a large tube with a decorative wrap around it. A candle sits at the very bottom of the tube, illuminating it (hence the name.) This one has a spooky Halloween scene with bats and a tree on it. When the candle is lit, the design will be projected around the room. These candles look great in the main room where the Halloween party is held, especially if any lights are dimly lit, as that helps emphasize the design of the luminary. Imagine it as being kind of like a carved Jack-o-Lantern, but less messy and much smaller. When choosing a luminary, consider your theme (remember: classic versus spooky) and the overall design on the luminary. Simpler designs look best, since anything too complicated may not show up as detailed once the candle is lit.

Go Straight For A Chandelier

halloween chandelier


The best thing about this chandelier is the fact that it doesn’t require electricity, so you won’t have to take down an existing fixture in order to hang it. The second best thing is the fake spider hanging from it, which gives the entire thing a very Halloween-ish vibe, and which is guaranteed to scare any party guests who are afraid of these 8-legged creatures. This chandelier uses battery operated faux candles to illuminate the room, although real ones can be substituted, as long the chandelier is hung in a very sturdy fashion. It can go over the main food table, in an entryway, or even from the front rafters outside where it will spook anyone who approaches the door.

The Zombie Arm is Delightfully Creepy

skeleton arm candle holder

This candle holder is a bit whimsical, yet still disturbing. It looks like a disembodied zombie arm, only instead of reaching out to grab your guests, it holds a bunch of tealight candles. Imagine this candle holder sitting on a television stand, a mantle piece, or an end table, all by itself. With something this creepy on display, you won’t need to place anything else around it. Plus, if you fill the slots with orange or black candles, it even lends a classic Halloween air to your party decor. (Although to make things really fun, consider finding some small glow in the dark candles that will light up along with their flames when the main lights are turned off.) You can have some fun with this candle holder at your next Halloween party.

A Classic Halloween Candle That Isn’t Scary At All

halloween cat candle

Now for something a little different. Nothing is more “classic Halloween” than a Jack-o-Lantern and a black cat, right? This scented candle comes in its own jar, and there is absolutely nothing scary about it. Decorating with this candle is easy since it’s very self-contained. You can place it on a table alongside other candles, let it sit by itself in a section of the room, or incorporate it into just about any party design scheme. You can even pull it out when it’s not Halloween if you’re feeling nostalgic about the holiday. Decorative pieces like this never go out of style, and when the candle inside it burns out, you can easily replace it with another.

A Cute Bat-Shaped Candle Holder

This piece is another bit of classic Halloween that works for many different occasions. It’s most cute than creepy, but that depends on its context. If you place it among some creepy decor in a Halloween tablescape, it would fit right in. On the hand, place it next to some cute holiday decor, and it works there as well. This candle holder is open at the top and has the space for a tealight or small votive candle. The outside has the picture of a bat on one side, and a Jack-o-Lantern on the other, which double your decorating options.

A Taper Candle Turned Into A Pumpkin


taper jack o lantern candleOkay, this candle really hasn’t turned into a pumpkin, although it certainly looks like it has. It’s a taper candle, complete with base, that has a Jack-o-Lantern face on it. You can get several of these and place them on a fireplace mantle or narrow shelf, or even put them in the center of your dining room table. Imagine a scene from a movie, where the characters are eating a fancy sit-down meal at a table decorated with elaborate candlesticks. Only these are the candles. It sounds more like something out of Beetlejuice, in a way.

Spooky Ghost Votive Holders Can Work in Many Different Ways

ghost votive holders

There’s something a little creepy, yet cute about this ghost votive holder. The outside is covered in what looks like burlap that has been imprinted with a ghostly face. The candle goes inside of it, giving the whole thing a slightly disturbing air. A whole row of these ghost votive candles will definitely add a Halloween vibe to your next party, especially if you place them an entryway table where they are the first things that are seen.

Halloween candles are no longer the ones that go into Jack-o-Lanterns on October 31st. Instead, they come in many different forms, all ready to help you decorate your home for your next Halloween-themed party. The only problem is that you may have trouble choosing which ones to use!

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  • Reply Natalie October 18, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    Gold Canyon has super cute Halloween candles and décor, too! I wish I cold upload pictures here because I would post a couple of the set-ups at my house.

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