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Hidden Treasure Candles Review

Today we have yet another jewelry candle review for you! We are trying to get all of our ring candle reviews up and then we will again start focusing on normal candles.

Hidden Treasures Soy Candles have various lines of candles, some of which offer different jewelry prizes inside and some which even offer up straight cash prizes! If jewelry is not your thing than these candles can give you the same fun with a prize that everyone can enjoy.

Here is a quick overview of the various types of candles they offer:

Treasure Candles ($24.99) – contain a necklace ranging in value from $10 up to $5000

Mystery Candles ($24.99) – contain either a ring, earrings, or bracelet in value of $10 up to $5000

Collection Candles ($39.99) – contain only .925 sterling silver jewelry (ring, earrings, or necklace) in value of $25 up to $7500

Cash Candles ($15.99) – contain a cash prize ranging in value from $1 up to $250

Mega Cash Candles ($39.99) – contain a cash prize ranging in value from $5 up to $1000

So as you can see above, from this selection of candles there is a little something in it for everyone, even at lower price points. For our review, we chose to buy the mystery candle ‘Kimono Flower’. We did purchase this candle a little while ago and it seems that they do not have this exact scent up for sale currently but this review should be a decent guide to show what these candles are generally like.

With a Hidden Treasure Candle you will find a piece of jewelry (or cash) when the wax melts past a certain point. The big prizes will be found inside of silver or gold treasure chests which are found in place of the lower valued jewelry. If you find a silver treasure chest in your candle it will contain a code that will allow you to win a piece of jewelry valued from $100 to $500. If you happen to find a gold chest inside your candle it will contain a code that will allow you to win a grand prize which will be valued between $1000 and $7500.

Below is a video from a grand prize winner on Youtube to get a better idea of how the process works

Hidden Treasure Candles does state the approximate odds at which high valued prizes are found and are as follows:

  • (5) $100 prizes and (1) $500 prize for every 500 candles sold
  • (1) $1000 prize for every 1000 candles sold
  • (1) $5000 – $7500 prize for every 5000 candles sold

It’s nice to see the actual rate at which they put prizes in their candles but at the same time a little discouraging. I would be nice to hit one of those big prizes though.

Product Overview

Wax Type: All natural soy wax
Size: 20 oz as stated on the website, but it looks to be about 16 oz of wax like the standard jewelry candle
Price: See above
Surprise: Ring, necklace, bracelet, or cash
Reveal Type: High value prizes are contained in treasure chests within the candle
Possible Jewelry Value: $10 – $7500
Other Items Available: Wax melts and wax critters
Burn Time: Approximately 100 hour burn time for regular size candle

Review Rundown

Is It Scent-sational?

On cold sniff this candle gave off a medium amount of fragrance that was fairly pleasant. After being lit up the scent picked up slightly and overall had an average to above average throw.

The name of this fragrance was ‘Kimono Flower’ which is a spin on a few Asian influenced floral scents. I couldn’t quite pick up on all of what was in it but it was a pretty nice scent overall.

Fragrance Intensity:

This candle wasn’t overpowering but still had a good amount of fragrance coming from it. If you are someone who is sensitive to fragrance I suggest only burning the candle for an hour or two at a time.

Jewelry Quality:

The time it took to actually reach the jewelry in this candle was much longer than many of the others I’ve owned. I would estimate that the candle had been burning for around 30 hours total before I was able to easily pull the little package inside out. For people that are impatient, this could feel like quite a long process.

The package that the jewelry is contained in is much better than a lot of other candle brands. You will find a plastic package that is completely sealed so you won’t get any wax in it and all over your jewelry unless you happen to burn a hole through it.

I found a ring inside of my mystery candle which looked to be a low valued piece, but still didn’t look too bad. Many of the other jewelry reveals I have seen for HTC have had some really jewelry in them so I would also say that their jewelry quality is above average. It is nice to see an approximate figure for how many high valued pieces of jewelry they put in their candles. You can also use a little bit of strategy when buying these candles as if you sign up for an account with them they will sometimes send an email out saying how many candles they have left for sale until another grand prize piece of jewelry could be coming!


A common problem I have found with a lot of ring candles is that they don’t make their candles look very elegant. That is one of the areas I also found to be a slight problem with Hidden Treasure Candles. While they try and spice up the candles by adding some glitter into some of the candles, it doesn’t really add much to it’s overall look. The labels on the candles are also somewhat bland when compared to the likes of JewelScent. The waxes are dyed which is favourable depending on personal opinion, this one coming out in a light purple color.

Some of the candles that HTC has for sale are topped off with different shaped wax pieces which adds variety to the candles and makes them stand out from some other companies.

One thing I can say that I did like which ties in with the packaging and the presentation was the sealed package for the jewelry that I mentioned previously. I found this to be much better than tinfoil wraps that can leak and make for a more messy experience. The treasure chests whit contain the grand prizes is also a cool feature which I wish I could have experienced!

Burn Quality:

Burn quality was a stronger point from HTC. I found that the wick choice was nearly perfect for these candles. You will have an even melt pool of about 1/2 inches within an hour or so of burning and this will remain close to the same as long as you don’t leave the candle burning for an extremely long period of time at once (which you should not be doing anyways). I also found that the wick needed very little maintenance. I don’t believe that I had to trim it a single time even. Props to Hidden Treasure Candles for a great burning candle!

Scent Variety:

Hidden Treasure Candles switches up their scents available fairly often but at the time of writing this review their were about 66 different scents between all of their lines of candles. With that said, I often didn’t find many of the scents to be that enticing personally. Some do sound great though!

Candle Junkies Approved Candles


The prices for these candles were pretty typical of jewelry candles with a slightly lower option for a smaller candle and higher price for a chance at a bigger potential prize.

Other Notes:

Hidden Treasures only ships within the US. We used a third party shipping service to get our candles to Canada.

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