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Febreze: Moonlight Breeze Candle Review

Febreeze Moonlight Breeze Candle Review

I’ve walked past these candles hundreds of times when shopping for groceries at Walmart. Often I’ve wondered if they are actually any good but never really felt enough urge to purchase one. Finally one day, I just decided to grab one and try it out.

I decided to go with the ‘odor eliminating’ scent of ‘Moonlight Breeze’ for my first purchase as I have bought some spray-type air fresheners in this scent previously and liked it quite a bit.

This scent is actually from the Gain detergent line of scents, but because of its popularity, it was adopted for many Febreze products as well.

Onto the candle itself!

Product Overview:

Wax Type: Doesn’t say, appears to be paraffin
Scent: Moonlight Breeze
Sizes: 5.5 oz
Price: $ (Check Current Price Online)
Burn Time: Approx. 30 hours
Wick: Single wick

Febreze Moonlight Breeze Candle Review

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

Going by the cold sniff of this candle I picked up on the scent of berries and not much else. It was not a bad smell but nothing spectacular. The scent never really picked up after being lit for a couple hours and I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it being an ‘odor eliminator’. Either way, there wasn’t much of the ‘Moonlight Breeze’ scent to be found even when this candle was burning in a small room. I may enjoy this scent in sprays but as a candle.. not the greatest. 4/10

Fragrance Intensity:

This candle does not throw fragrance at all. It is a smaller candle so you can’t expect it to fill an entire room but even when we moved it to a small bathroom you would only get subtle hints of the berry scent every so often. There are many other candles around this size and price that throw much, MUCH better. 3/10


The single wick candle that I purchased came in a sturdy glass jar that was label-free. I was actually quite impressed considering this is a large brand name and I was expecting the opposite. The clear glass can fit in with most rooms easily and actually looks pretty good! Nothing too fancy but it doesn’t need to be. 7/10

Burn Quality & Longevity:

This was another area that this candle didn’t do so well. This candle tunneled every time I had it lit. I would use the process we’ve gone over to correct this issue but every time we lit the candle up the same problem kept arising.

Another thing that I noticed was that there was an oily substance that would float on the melted wax every time it had formed a pool. I’m not sure what exactly it was but it was just something odd that I noticed.

Moonlight Breeze Candle Review

The candle lasted about as long as expected but left lots of wax on the sides after I gave up on fixing it every time. 2/10

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