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Etsy Finds of the Week: September 9th, 2015 Edition

etsy candles

This week we have a little bit of everything, from hand carved candles to personalized wood wick candles. Enjoy, and happy hump day!

5. Egyptian King Beeswax Candle

Egyptian king candle

Made with 100% pure natural (gold) beeswax. – Peaceblossomcandles

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4. Ceramic Pineapple Soy Candle

ceramic soy candle

These soy candles come in a ceramic pineapple container that can add that final touch to your room’s decor. – Thouartlovely

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3. Starbucks Iced Coffee Bottle Candles

starbucks candle

These candles are made from reclaimed Starbucks Iced Coffee bottles and are scented with a great mocha flavour. – CandlesbyOC

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2. Personalized Name Meaning Candles

personalized candle

These candles come personalized with the name of your choice and the meaning of the name labeled onto the candle. They also feature some wood wicks so you get a unique touch to these candles. – Vintagecreated

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1. Carved Candles

carved candles

These candles are carved by hand to create this one of a kind look. Check out the video below from Youtube for a little backstory on how they’re made. – Primacandle

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