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Esteban Paris Reve Blanc & Figue Noire Review

November 22, 2017
esteban paris candles figue noire reve blanc

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may have read the previous review we did on some candles from Esteban Paris. At the beginning of the year, we reviewed two fragrances: Teck & Tonka as well as Neroli from their luxury line of candles. If you want to see that review click here.

Today we are back with a couple more popular scents from the Esteban lineup and we are super excited to try them out. The fragrances we have for this review are Reve Blanc and Figue Noire. Reve Blanc is in the white stripe patterned vessel and is described as a musky floral scent. The other candle, Figue Noire, is in the purple and gold jar and contains a scent that is supposed to be fruity, woody combination.

One thing that is unique about all of these candles from Esteban is that you can purchase refills once a candle is completely burned. When you are buying pricier luxury candles, especially ones that come in jars that look as good as these, this option is appreciated. Instead of paying full price each time, you can pick out which jar you think would look the best in your home and keep buying the refills at a fraction of the price with the option of changing up the scent whenever you choose to.

For those that are curious, you can find all of the different vessels and fragrances available on the Esteban Paris website located here.

esteban paris figue noire reve blanc candles4 Esteban Paris Reve Blanc & Figue Noire Review

Product Overview:

Wax type: 100% Vegetable wax
Size: 6 oz
Price: $$$$
Burn Time: 40 – 55 hours is typical with this size of candle

esteban paris figue noire reve blanc candles9 Esteban Paris Reve Blanc & Figue Noire Review

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

Reve Blanc – This candle offers a mixture of complex fragrances including white musk and vanilla. We’ve reviewed multiple musk-scented candles before but this candle is uniquely different because of the infused fragrance of sweet vanilla that adds a touch of warmness and relaxation. Furthermore, musk-scented candles can often be harsh and over-the-top, but the softness of vanilla makes this candle a transformative experience of tranquility and pleasure.

The key notes listed on the Esteban website: Sunny notes, Freesia, Heliotrope flower, Sandalwood, White Musk, Vanilla

Figue Noire – This candle is truly chic, modern and sophisticated, which is what Esteban is known for. The fragrance is a mixture of fun, fruity notes of figs combined with a sharp sandalwood scent that is both elegant and luxurious. The scent of sandalwood is more noticeable here compared to the Reve Blanc, and it pairs magnificently with the sweet scent of black figs. With a glass of wine and a warm, woody scent in the background, this candle is perfect for the Holiday season.

The key notes listed on the Esteban website: Black figs, Violet leaves, Fig wood, Sandalwood, Feigenholz, & Sandelholz

esteban paris figue noire reve blanc candles2 Esteban Paris Reve Blanc & Figue Noire Review

Fragrance Intensity:
These candles have a good amount of fragrance throw when lit. While they are relatively small they can produce a thick lingering scent if left to burn for a few hours at a time.

If you plan on placing these in a larger room, you may want to have a couple of them placed strategically to ensure the entire room is filled with fragrance. If you are planning to place these in a smaller room than one candle should be enough.

esteban paris figue noire reve blanc candles14 Esteban Paris Reve Blanc & Figue Noire Review

Reve Blanc – The presentation is simple and clean which is what we look for in a calming, warm fragrance candle. When the candle is lit, the white base jar creates a luminous and soft aura.White as its base color combined with stylish grey strokes is perfectly fitting for a white musk and vanilla scented candle.

Figue Noire – This candle’s presentation provides a bold statement with its gold background and dark purple waterdrop designs. We absolutely love the presentation of this candle because, as some of you may have noticed, it matches perfectly with our purple walls in our condo. The design truly represents the luxury and the decadence of the Esteban Paris candles.

esteban paris figue noire reve blanc candles7 Esteban Paris Reve Blanc & Figue Noire Review

Burn Quality:

The burn quality on these candles was about the same as when we last had some. The burn went quite well with both candles. There was no mushrooming of the wicks which is always a plus and the tunneling that did occur on one of the two candles was very minor and we were actually able to even it out by burning it a little longer than we normally do.

Overall these candles have an impressive burn and the quality of the wick and wax is obvious when put to use.

esteban paris figue noire reve blanc candles1 Esteban Paris Reve Blanc & Figue Noire Review


These candles retail at $39.50 USD and are about 6 ounces. Price per ounce works out to about $6.58 USD for these candles which puts them well into the luxury price range, but a few notches cheaper than big brands such as Diptyque or Jo Malone.

The good news is that if you decide to keep the vessels and just buy the refills after your first purchases, you can bring that cost per ounce down by nearly half! The refills come in at around $3.50 USD per ounce which will save you quite a bit of money over buying a whole new candle each time. Some bonus points to value have to be added for that reason.

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