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Candle Making Kits Reviews

Candle Science Soy Candle Making Kit Review

Candle Making For Everyone

If you are a frequent reader of Candle Junkies, you may remember us recommending a candle making kit back in our article for soy candle making as meditation. We thought we would go a little more in-depth with that set and show exactly what it contains and also share our more thorough thoughts on it here.

This kit can be used for absolute beginners of candle making as well as the more experienced person who would just like to have a better set of tools to let your creativity flow. Once you run out of materials contained in this set you will just have to buy more wax, dyes, and oils when you decide to make more candles.

Now, on to the kit.

Included in this kit:

– (4) 1 lb bags of natural soy wax

– (12) 8 oz candle tins

– Lavender fragrance oil

– Very vanilla fragrance oil

– Grapefruit and Mangosteen fragrance oil

– Egyptian Amber fragrance oil

– A melting/pouring pitcher

– (12) Pre-tabbed wicks with wick stickers

– Wick bars

– Warning label stickers

– Glass candy thermometer

Pretty much everything that you need to make candles is in this kit. The only things that you will need on top of these items will be a medium saucepan (to melt the wax as a double boiler), a stirring utensil, rubbing alcohol, and paper towels. When I bought this kit off of Amazon, I also purchased some wax dye blocks to add in some color to my candles but this is of course optional.

soy kit contents

Upon opening the box, you can tell that Candle Science did as much as they could to make this kit usable by everyone. The first thing you see when you open up the box is a simple instruction guide with pictures to go along with each step. All of the materials included from the pouring pitcher to the tin cans which you are able to make your candles in seemed to be of good quality for the price that you pay.

double burner

One thing I did notice as I was making the first batch of candles was that the wax pouring pitcher is slightly small and will only fit 1lb of wax at a time. This means that you will have to make the 4 batches at separate times. Also of note, there are only 3 wick bars, so if you plan on making multiple batches in one day you will need to find something else around the house to hold the wicks up (pencils or popsicle sticks work beautifully). Being that the pitcher was a little on the small side also made the thermometer touch the bottom of the pot when you try to clip it on to the pitcher. Not a huge deal but just something that I noticed.

wick bar

This kit also contains 4 pre-selected fragrance oils in the scents of: lavender, Egyptian amber, very vanilla, and grapefruit and mangosteen. My favorite of the bunch was by far the grapefruit and mangosteen one, it was honestly amazing! The vanilla scent was the only one which I didn’t enjoy too much, it seemed fairly cheap but it wasn’t terrible either. All of the bottles when used in the candles made for strong scented candles when finished and you could almost do with only throwing half a bottle in each pound of wax rather than the full bottle as the instructions state.

dye block fragrance oil

If you choose to you can also substitute out these fragrance oils for the essential oils of your choosing. You can find more info in our essential oils post.

While the set is initially to be used for soy candles, I found no reason why you couldn’t use it to make candles of other wax types as well once you depleted the soy wax. It really is nice to just have around for other crafts you may be considering as well.

cooling candles

All in all, this is a very good set and is pretty much one purchase and you’re ready to go. My order from Amazon shipped up to me in Canada with standard $10 shipping (free shipping in the US) in just 3 days so I can’t complain with Amazon on their part. You really can’t go wrong with a purchase like this, even if you were on the fence before you might just be surprised with the great feeling you get when you make something of your own like this!

If you have any questions at all about the kit write me a comment below and I will do my best to answer!

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