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Candle Review: Voluspa, Yashioka Gardenia

As we have promised, here is the review of one of our favourite Japonica collection from Voluspa! The Japonica collection consists of their most creative fragrance palette combined with their delicate floral designs that will add luxe to your everyday living. Just from the Japonica collection alone, they have 12 different exotic fragrances filled with beautiful works of Japanese art to choose from. Today, we will be reviewing the Yashioka Gardenia fragrance in a scalloped glass edge that really caught our eye.

We have reviewed a Voluspa candle recently, but if you have missed it, check out our review on Crisp Champagne from Voluspa to get more info on their company!

Now, on to the review.

Product Overview:

Wax Type: Coconut wax blend
Scent: Yashioka Gardenia
Sizes: Various sizes available. 6.2 oz is shown in this review  
Price: $$$ (Please Check Current Price Online)
Burn Time: Approx. 50 hours
Wick: Single wick (double-wick and a tri-wick also available in this fragrance)

voluspa review

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

This candle is truly a flower lover’s delight. This sweet, silky aroma of gardenia really makes you feel like you are surrounded by a room full of white flowers. Gardenia scent is similar to the scent of jasmine, and they are both commonly used in today’s perfumery. After a little bit of research, we found that several top-selling perfumes contain gardenia fragrance such as Miss Dior by Christian Dior, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. So, if you wish to wear the Yashioka Gardenia scent as a perfume, you’re in luck! Because this fragrance is available as a room & body mist and it’s only $25.00 unlike the perfume brands mentioned above 😉

The Yashioka Gardenia fragrance also contains the scent of tuberose which is another explosive bouquet of white flowers. This exotic flower is known to match with spices, which is probably why Voluspa chose Tunisian cloves to add a little warmth to this floral scent.

yashioka gardenia

Fragrance Intensity:

The fragrance of this candle is noticeable even when it’s not lit. We believe it’s better to leave the candle unlit for the first couple of days since it’s quite strong. But, this candle would be perfect as a decoration in the bathroom as well as air-freshener since both gardenia and tuberose scents are powerful enough to fill a room and continue to exude their scents for days.


We have to admit, as much as we adore the scalloped glass edge that is shown in this post, we fell in love with the look of the tin containers. The tin containers have the same designs as the packaging, inspired by traditional Japanese paper making. And thankfully, the tin containers are available in all fragrances. They can be used to store your earrings, to use it as a soap holder, or even as a small snack container after the candle has been burnt. (And of course, has been cleaned out!)

All candle containers from Voluspa can be re-used for flowers or trickets when the candle is done, which is always a bonus 🙂


Burn Quality and Longevity:

After a couple of hours, the candle began to tunnel slightly around the wick. However, once the entire surface of the candle melted fully, the candle no longer continue to tunnel.  The longevity of the candle was average, but the fragrance never weakened, which is one of the top qualities of this candle.

As we mentioned in the previous post, Voluspa commits to only using coconut wax because it is known to burn 90% cleaner than soy wax blend. Coconut wax is also known to hold a high volume of fragrance and the coconut wax does not interfere with the fragrance’s true notes.

Cost and Value:

All Voluspa products fall under the luxury candle category. But, if we consider the fine details of the design, unique combination of fragrances, and the quality of the candle as a whole, the values that you get out of these products are excellent.


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