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Candle Review: Voluspa, Crisp Champagne

June 2, 2016
voluspa crisp champagne

Happy first of June everybody! As you may already know, we have been absent in the last month but we have been experimenting with tons of different candles from all sorts of brands and fragrances to share our top favourites with you all!

Summer is right around the corner, and this fresh, bubbly scent of Crisp Champagne from Voluspa is perfect for those summer nights with a glass of Pinot Grigio and a great company. You could buy a vacation home in Southern Italy, or you could light this airy, totally transformative candle instead. Close your eyes, and you are almost there.

You may have heard of Voluspa. Their candles are sold in multiple upscale department stores such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Anthropologie for US and Chapters or Indigo for Canada. The reason we love this company is because they have a wide variety of unique, exotic fragrances that you can’t find in other candle stores. Not only they carry candles, but their collection consists of diffusers, perfume, and room and body mists so you can choose a product that is most suitable for you!

voluspa candles crisp champagne review
voluspa candles crisp champagne review

Product Overview:

Wax Type: Coconut wax blend
Scent: Crisp Champagne
Sizes: Various sizes available. 3 oz is seen in this review
Price: $$$ (Check current prices online)
Burn Time: Approx 25 hours
Wick: Single wick with a tri-wick candle in one of the available sizes

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

This candle is fabulous if you’re not a huge fan of intense floral scent or anything that is too over-powering. The Crisp Champagne from Maison Noir collection contains notes of sparkling brut champagne mingled with hints of vanilla and barrel oak. We found the scent to be luscious, sophisticated, and just right. The hint of vanilla adds the perfect amount of sweetness, yet it is still clean and fresh enough to lit in a small office space or in a hallway. And who doesn’t love the smell of crisp bubbles? 😉 


Though, since we lit a 3 oz candle, the scent was almost not enough. But if you are looking for a candle that is more subtle, in terms of fragrance and as a decoration, we highly recommend this size. The 3 oz candles are also excellent if you want to try all sorts of different scents because they are less than $10 so you can purchase a wide variety of small Voluspa candles to try out.

However, we also love the Maison Metallo and Ceramica Alta which are the bigger sizes (all scents are available in four different sizes) because their re-usable containers are just GORGEOUS. Each different scents contain its original, truly eye-catching designs that can simply be used as one of your trinkets. The Ceramica Alta also has a unique design with a vented snap close lid, which allows the scent to disperse even when the candle is not lit. It’s a safe way to have candles around the house especially if you have the little ones at home!

Fragrance Intensity:

As we mentioned above, the fragrance could have been a little bit stronger. But, this is only because our candle was 3 oz. If you prefer a stronger scent, go for the double wick Maison Metallo size, to not only experience more potent fragrance but also an even burn.


One thing we have noticed about purchasing Voluspa candles in department stores is that the candles are left out for a long period of time for customers to try. But as a result, the candles lose their fragrance intensity which is a waste of money. We recommend purchasing these online so you are the first one to open the package and the condition of the candle is as good as it can be!


The 3oz candle is in a simple, clear glass container which will match with any kind of home decor that you may already have. But we must say, the bigger sizes, especially the Maison Metallos have one of the most beautiful designs we have seen. And as we mentioned earlier, the containers are reusable, so they can be recycled to be used as a jewelry holder, a vase for your table centerpiece, or simply just a room decoration.

We have to admit, our favourite designs out of all Voluspa products is from the Japonica collection. Their elegant works of Japanese art consists of traditional Japanese floral designs combined with sparkling metallic tones makes this collection one of our favourite candles. And of course, we’ll be posting one of the candles from Japonica collection shortly 🙂


Burn Quality and Longevity:

The burn quality of the 3 oz candle was excellent. Since it has a small surface, there was no tunnelling around the wick. And even with the 3 oz candle, the candle surprisingly lasted quite long. The only downside was that we had to leave the candle lit for a while before we started noticing the scent, especially in a large room.

Voluspa commits to only using coconut wax because it is known to burn 90% cleaner than soy wax blend. Coconut wax is also known to hold a high volume of fragrance and the coconut wax does not interfere with the fragrance’s true notes.

Cost and Value:

(Please check current prices online)


The creator of Voluspa calls her candles “Affordable Luxury Products”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Check current prices on Amazon

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  • Reply Julie June 3, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    Voluspa has been on my radar for a while. They had an amber one I kept sniffing in Anthropology. Thanks for the review on this one! I will have to spring for it next time. In the big size of course.

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