Candle Review: Old Factory Candles, Romance Themed Gift Set

These candles effortlessly enhances the sensual ambience of any romantic setting. Make the room glow with any or all of these classic, sultry scents: Rose Petal, Champagne or Dark Chocolate.

Are they Scent-sational?
All three unique fragrances are true to scent. On their own they are each subtle, but when burnt together they waft a bolder aroma.

The rose petal bouquet is delicate and not too heady, as some floral perfumes can be. Dark chocolate is authentic, luxuriously sweet but not cloying. Champagne manages to smell bubbly and refreshing, just like the genuine item.

Most candle lovers are won over by the beauty of burning them together. A natural, blended aroma fills the room with seductive sweetness, yet doesn’t overwhelm the space.


Fragrance Intensity
The scent throw of these candles is described as very faint. Yet candle enthusiasts claim that while the aroma starts off slight, it builds up well over time.

These little gems are ideal for arranging on the edge of a sudsy tub, and quickly fill the enclosed area of a bathroom with a lovely scent. A modestly sized bedroom is also perfect for showcasing their appeal.

Burn Quality and Longevity
Hands down, this set of hand-poured, soy candles is praised for burning evenly and cleanly. Wicks are smack in the center and burn straight to the end, with no drowning pools of wax, smut or black smoke.

As for duration, users report an average of 18 – 20 hours each of burn time, which is less than the company’s claim of 25-30 hours.

Cost and Value
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Regarding upfront cost, this set ranks in at the more expensive end of the market.

Yet the quality is high, and the presentation is exquisite. In addition to vintage labels, cute phrases are inserted in the packaging beneath each candle. Altogether, this set offers good overall value as an exclusive gift item.

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