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Candle Review: Black Crow Candle Company, County Market

black crow candle co. review

Here at Candle Junkies, we love to embrace local companies that dedicate themselves to creating some of the best quality candles out there on the market today. Some months ago we stumbled upon this adorable candle shop called Black Crow Candle Company that carries a unique selection of candles that really caught our attention. First of all, just by reading the candle scent list alone, you cannot help but drool because of how AMAZING they sound. From “Blueberry Cobbler” which contains blueberries, vanilla, and sweet cream to “Ma’s Coffee Cake” which has the fragrance of vanilla, buttercream, pumpkin, and espresso… how can you resist these tantalizing aromas?

county market

Black Crow Candle Company originated in a small town of Canton, Illinois. Their outstanding fragrance, burn time, and their unique primitive designs set them apart from well-known candle companies that lack the “handmade” feel. Each candle made from this company is hand poured, coated and labeled, with their signature style.

Product Overview:

Wax Type: Unknown
Scent: County Market
Sizes: Various sizes available. 8 oz is seen in this review
Price: $10.00 for 8 oz candle
Burn Time: Approx 40 hours
Wick: Single wick

Review Rundown:

Is it Scent-sational?

The candle we chose to review today is called Country Market. The mouthwatering fragrance contains butter, caramel, cream, pumpkin, and clove. This scent will transport you to your grandma’s kitchen that is filled with the aroma of sweet, fresh from the oven baked goods. This candle can be enjoyed year round however, we found that this candle is especially suitable for Autumn.

April22 966

Fragrance Intensity:

Even when the candle is unlit, the room is instantly filled with buttery baked goodness. This candle is perfect when you want to wind down and enjoy a cup of hot coffee because of its cozy, homey feel that the candle brings. Due to its intense fragrance, when the candle is lit, it is more suitable to place the candle in a large space or well-ventilated area. But if you prefer a strong scent that is reminiscent of gingerbread cookies, (and who doesn’t?) by all means, indulge in this divine aroma in a smaller room.


This candle has a glass jar bottom with a metallic screw top lid that is just simple enough to match with any kind of home decor. The combination of the fragrance and the presentation of this candle brings comfort, warmth, and relaxation to the room. This rustic design is perfect for a decorative use in a cabin or cottage…or at least we can pretend like we are in a cozy country cottage tucked away in the trees just by lighting this candle.

Burn Quality and Longevity:

The burn quality of this candle was exceptional. The candle had a very clean burn with no visible soot given off. The smaller sized wick allowed for a slow burn and increased the candle’s longevity. With that small wick and low heat there was some minor tunneling but we used our usual fix to correct any issues when they arose. From the first light to the last, the fragrance and the burn quality of the candle remained consistent.


Cost and Value:

Cost per ounce = $1.25

The cost of all 8oz candles from the Primitive Collection are $10.oo which is an excellent value especially for the 40-50 hour burn time that you receive. There are also the Early Settler’s Collection which offers the same fragrances as the Primitive Collection but longer lasting burn time and different presentation. (And a tad bit pricier) Furthermore, there are the Hippie Collection that offers 7 exotic fragrances as well as the White Collection that are excellent as holiday gifts.

Black Crow Candle Company also offers tarts, sprays, diffusers and potpourri for pillows. If you wish to sample the scents before purchasing a full candle, be sure to check the large selection of tarts available!

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1 Comment

  • Reply jackie martin June 5, 2019 at 9:04 pm

    these would be great if only they were soy candles; i burn candles all the time, every day, so the safety consideration is important, and metal wicks??

    So, because of those two glitches, i’m sticking with Beckley’s and 1803 candles, both soy based and luscious smells.

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