paddywax sea salt review

Candle Review: ‘Aqua Ocean Tide and Sea Salt’ From the Paddywax Relish Jar Collection

Hand poured in an aqua glass jar, this artisan candle is the perfect complement to crafty décor. It glows vividly when lit, like a stained glass window blushing into the night.

Is it Scent-sational?
If a restful vacation on the beach could be bottled, this would be the smell! Light this candle, add some sand and a few shells under your toes, close your eyes and you’ll be transported directly to the Pacific.

This treasure of a candle fills your home with the clean, fresh fragrance of a salty ocean breeze on a summer day. Slightly reminiscent of mild aftershave, the scent is natural and airy.

We were pleased by the consistency of this aroma, which is strong enough to stay in the room for hours, yet not overpowering. The scent throw is described as mild, yet it still reaches into all the nooks and crannies of any normal sized room.

Burn Quality and Longevity
It burns and burns for hours and lasts forever, according to many satisfied admirers of this soy wax candle. According to Paddywax, Relish Jar Collection candles boast a burn time of 60 hours.

While it burns cleanly, with no black smoke or soot, some minor tunneling can occur causing unused wax residue to build up around the sides of the blue jar. We heard that this happened on rare occasions with some users and if you find that it happens to your candle be sure to check back to our guide on fixing a tunneling candle.

Cost and Value
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The upfront cost is a tad pricey per ounce of wax, yet the innovative design and style of this artistic candle add much to the overall value. It’s a high-quality item that fits the bill as a way to spoil yourself or others.

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