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Bling It Candles Review

September 15, 2015
bling it candles

It doesn’t take long to realize that Bling It Candles creator Erin Dianne Royal puts a tremendous amount of care into her candles. From the moment you twist the top of these crafty mason jar candles, you know that you are in for something special. Sealed within is one of the most highly scented jewelry candles I have come to try so far.

bling it candles

For this review we tried out two scents, vanilla coconut and peach nectar. Both of these candles had a very intense scent that I just couldn’t get enough of. If you are a scent junkie than these candles are most definitely for you!

bling it candles

Aside from being highly fragrant, the jewelry inside these things are great. The high end jewelry comes straight from Zales and Tiffany & Co. While we didn’t receive any pieces that were an insanely high value, we did have good luck. Inside one of our candles we found a ring worth $175 and in the other a pair of earrings which were valued at $250!

bling it candles

Product Overview

Wax Type: 100% Soy Wax
Size: 16 oz (4 oz mini option available as well)
Price: $25 USD for 16 oz and random piece of jewelry, $30 USD for 16 oz and choice of jewelry, and $5 USD for 4 oz
Jewelry Surprise: Ring, bracelet, earrings, or necklace
Reveal Type: Inside you will find a piece of paper that tells the type of metal, stone, as well as the total value of the piece of jewelry
Possible Jewelry Value: $10 – $5000
Other Items Available: Mini Bling Candles and Bling Me Cash Candles
Burn Time: Around 95 hours

bling it candles silver bag
The candles came packaged inside of these silver bags

Review Rundown

Presentation: Bling It Candles come in mason jars with a nice label on their twist off tin tops. As lovers of mason jars we thought the presentation worked very well and gave the candles a nice homemade feel.

bling it candles
bling it candles

Fragrance Intensity: Hands down these are the most fragrant jewelry candles that we have tried. The scent throw is off the charts and will fill an entire room with ease. It left us wanting to try out every scent that they have in their collection. Needless to say, this is not the candle for people that only like lightly scented candles. For everyone else, you’ll be in heaven!

Ring/Jewelry Quality: We may have got lucky with our jewelry inside of our Bling It candles but even still we found it impressive that they state not only the value of the piece of jewelry that you find inside of your candle but also the type of metal and the type of stones on your jewelry. Add that to the fact that they use jewelry pieces from Zales and Tiffany & Co. and you can’t really go wrong.

bling it candles reveal

Candle Performance: These candles performed very strongly for the most part. The thing I found with these candles is that they had rather large wicks, which can be good and bad. With these wicks you get a melt pool that forms quickly and all the way to the edges of the container, no chances of tunneling here! The thing is, you do not want to let these wicks go untrimmed for too long. If you give these already thick wicks a chance to fold or mushroom, they will create a flame which can burn the glass on the narrow opening of the mason jar. I can understand that this was the only option with a mason jar though because to go with two thinner wicks means you would need to have a wider mouthed jar. Just be sure to trim your wick frequently and this shouldn’t be a huge issue.

bling it candles

Scent Variety: These candles come in a very respectable 57 total scents at the time of this writing in a wide range of unique and exciting scents that you won’t find in other brands.

Price: At $30 USD for the candle with choice of jewelry type in a 16 oz size the price is a little steeper than some but not by any considerable amount. We found that the quality of jewelry more than made up for this as well.

Bling It Candles Reveal

bling it candles
bling it candles
bling it candles reveal

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    I found your review of Bling It Candles to be super informative and helpful in making a decision about purchasing one. The idea of a candle with hidden jewelry is so intriguing, and it’s great to read an honest review that covers the quality, scent, and the overall experience. The fact that these candles use natural soy wax is a bonus. Thanks for sharing your insights, and I’m definitely considering giving Bling It Candles a try!

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