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Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

July 2, 2020
best summer candles

While summer isn’t always the optimal time to be burning candles, it doesn’t mean that the scents of summer are any less exciting!

Spring has some wonderful fresh scent such a lilac which sadly only blooms for a short time, but summer’s blooming season also comes with some tantalizing aromas to invigorate your senses.

Summer not only has the aromas of flowers but long days at the beach and countless scents in between.

The candles covered here today should do just that, invigorate your senses, and bring the fun of summer into your home.

Our Favorite Candles For Summer Time (Pin it)


yankee candle flowers in the sun Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

Let’s start the list with one of the greatest things about summer, the flowers.

This Yankee Candle has a fresh scent of sweet blossoms. Picture yourself walking through a garden of summer flowers with the golden sun shining above, lighting up the petals, and producing some amazing aromas that brighten any day.

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emerald amazon candle Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

I really like the 2 wick jar candles from Opalhouse. I’ve found that quite a few of their candles don’t burn very well, especially the single wick jars, however, I haven’t really had any issues with these ones!

Aside from this candle burning well, it’s also priced very well, coming in at around $0.66 per ounce!

Oh, and I almost forgot, ‘Emerald Amazon’ smells absolutely delightful! It’s got a tropical kick to it while still maintaining a clean and fresh overall fragrance.

Another one of our favorites is their ‘Coastal Linen’ candle, of the same style. But since we already included that candle on our candle scents that remind us of Disney Land list, we won’t put it here.

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homesick southern california candle Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

While Homesick has their own line of summer candles specifically, it’s Southern California that I chose to include on this list.

It is one of my absolute favorites from them. It’s fresh and citrusy from the lemon and orange, but also mellowed out with a base of amber and musk. There is also some floral notes that come through really rounding out the scent.

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chesapeake bay candle blood orange Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

Tangy scents like this are always welcome in my home. You can’t really go wrong with a nice fresh scent like this one.

This one from Chesapeake Bay gets just about everything right. The scent is strong and throws well. The 2 wicks keep this thing burning from wall to wall. And the beautiful black jar with it’s bronzed lid is just that, beautiful.

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overose candles anthurium Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

To the people that say a candle’s look doesn’t matter, I say: “You do you.” But I’m a sucker for some beautiful packaging.

And I’m gonna make a bold statement here and say that nobody is doing it better than Overose Candles right now. These things are right up my alley.

This fragrance is a powerful mix of sweet and floral aromas and makes an amazing choice for the sunny summer days.

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byredo carrousel candle Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

Byredo candles are kinda pricey but they have some really intoxicating fragrances.

For those looking to try a new luxury candle this summer, have a look at Carrousel. It’s a fruity but fresh fragrance that is quite powerful for it’s size.

If you are a fan of strong fruity scents with some extra layers to them, this one has you covered.

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boy smells gardener candle Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

This candle is aptly named and reminds me of freshly grown tomato vines in the garden.

Not only that, but it looks great as well, poured in a glossy black glass jar with a simple pink and black label.

For something unique this summer give this scent a try.

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BOY SMELLS COWBOY KUSH Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

For something that’s even more unique than the previous candle, check out their “Cowboy Kush” candle from their kush collection.

The scent is described as being reminiscent of lighting a joint at a hot summer rodeo. While I’ve never personally done something like that, I can say that it’s what I imagine that would be like.

This candle scent is of course not for everybody, but if you are worried it stinking your place up like weed, you needn’t worry too much. While it does have a slight weed smell to it, actually more than some of the others in the same collection, it wasn’t super in-your-face.

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OTHERLAND RATTAN CANDLE Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

Yes, the beautiful, popular new candle brand Otherland has got to be on this list as well. We included ‘Daybed’ from their core collection in our spring candle picks list a while back.

That candle could also be a great choice for summer, but we decided to pick something different for this one, which might be Otherland’s best candle ‘Rattan’.

This is a yummy sandalwood fragrance that is nice and warm but without that gritty, earthy smell that many similar candles have. So good!!

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lafco celery thyme candle Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

This is the absolute perfect candle to set out in an open room that you want to freshen up.

If you are a fan of putting out linen candles and looking for something new to try that has a similar effect, give celery thyme a try.

It has that clean scent like linen but with a light herbal twist that feels so very luxurious.

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pink sands yankee candle

If you’ve read our listicle of our favorite Yankee Candle scents of all time, you knew that this one was gonna make the list.

Pink Sands might be our favorite Yankee Candle ever and it is a true summer fragrance.

This is such a great candle and I can’t recommend it enough.

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voluspa rose petal ice cream Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

Voluspa fragrances are always very elegant. Rose Petal Ice Cream follows that trend with a light, beautiful scent.

This scent leans more towards the sweet, gourmand notes than some of the others in the rose collection but it does have some very nice rose fragrance that comes through as well.

I also love these 2 wick metal tin containers that this size of their candles comes in.

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13. LAKE & SKYE – 11 11 CANDLE

lake skye 11 11 candle Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

11 11 Captures the feel of skin emerging from the ocean. I really wasn’t quite sure what that was going to smell like exactly (whether good or bad). But after smelling this candle I think they did a great job at just capturing a day at the beach in a candle.

You get those salty, fresh, ozonic notes, but you also get light, warm, musky notes.

Overall and awesome candle, and a newer one to me.

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votivo pink mimosa candle Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

Votivo is a long time favorite of mine. I like literally everything about their candles.

For summer one of my favorites from their lineup is Pink Mimosa. It’s got a tanginess and punchiness with it’s fruity notes, but also mellowed out slightly with the spirit notes.

A bright, powerful, candle that burns an extremely long time for it’s size. A bit pricey but so worth it!

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Beautiful Summer Candle Scents According To Us At Candle Junkies

Hopefully we’ve steered you towards a new favorite candle for the summer time!

If you could help us out and share this list on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever you use, we’d really appreciate the help!

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best candles for summer time pin Candles That Are A Great Option For Summer

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