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8 Awesome Mason Jar Candle Ideas To Inspire You

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Here at Candle Junkies, we love ring candles, essential oils, and soy candles too. Another thing we love just about as much is Mason jar candles. From red, white, and blue candles for Independence Day to confetti candles for Easter, we adore combining our love for candles with our love for Mason jars. If you too are a complete Mason jar addict, check out the following roundup of awesome Mason jar candle ideas:

– Beach sand, seashells, and tea light candles are adorable inside a canning jar. Add a raffia ribbon around the rim to complete the look.

– Pour separate layers of red, white, and blue died rice into a Mason jar and top with a tea light candle. Accent with a stars and stripes ribbon and you’ll have an instant Independence Day hit on your hands.

– If you are not into dying rice, consider painting the bottom half of Mason jars for the Forth of July. Paint one red, one white, and one blue, and then add a tea light candle to each jar. Add a strip of burlap around the center of each jar and a tiny American flag to complete your creation. (Just change the colors and flag to suit your country.)

– If you love glitter as much as we do, combine glitter, spray glue, and Mason jars for a trio of tantalizing temptations. Tape off the top of a jar, add spray glue, and then roll in glitter. Gold or silver glitter looks great, but you can also choose bright and cheery glitter options like purple or turquoise.

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– For a shabby chic Mason jar candle, paint the exterior of your jar in white, ecru, pastel pink, or soft turquoise. Once the paint is dry you can scratch off bits of paint from the raised glass portions of your jar. Wrap the rim with twine and add decorative accents like keys, seashells, or even charms from your charm bracelet.

– If you adore lace, wrap Mason jars in a lace remnant from the thrift store and secure with a piece of fancy ribbon in a coordinating color. Insert a tea light or pillar candle and your cute creation is ready to wow your friends.

– For a twist on the lace Mason jar candle option, place a wet lace doily over a jar and spray with your choice of colored paint. Remove the doily once the paint is dry and you’ll have a lace silhouetted jar on your hands.

– If you are not feeling ambitious, consider pouring colored pebbles or marbles from the dollar store into Mason jars. Nestle a tea light candle inside and you are ready to roll.

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These are just eight of numerous ways you can combine your love for candles with your love for Mason jars. Once you discover the magic of making your own canning jar candles, you’ll never look at thrift store or dollar store treats the same way again. Anything from a thrift store earring on raffia ribbon to a dollar store sticker you can paint over is fodder for creating quirky candles you can share with your friends and family. Who is ready to hit the thrift store and buy up all the Mason jars in sight?

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  • Reply Holly June 15, 2015 at 1:31 pm

    You have some really lovely ideas! The idea of the coloured sand is definitely something I would be interested in and the shabby chic look of scratching off the paint.


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