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5 Candles That Smell Like Harry Potter Characters

candles that smell like harry potter characters

These Candles Are Inspired By The Harry Potter Universe

Don’t take the title I made for this post too literally. I’m not going to be sharing candles that smell like body odors in this post! For all I know, wizards might have some kind of anti-body odor spell anyways.

The candles that we are going to share today are instead just inspired by various characters from the Harry Potter world.

This list will not include other scents that could be found in Harry Potter such as everyone’s favorite ‘butterbeer’ scented candles as we will have a separate blog post on those, just as we had for our candles that smell like Disney list.

Now let’s get to the list!

Candles That Smell Like Harry Potter Characters (Pin It!)

Harry Potter Scented Candle

Potter – Crow & Co Candles

Find it Online

Draco Malfoy Scented Candle

Yes, this is the candle that inspired this list. If you are unaware, there was a TikTok video that blew up when someone described a candle that smelled like Draco Malfoy. Since then, brands have been giving their own take on the scent.

This Smells Like Draco Malfoy Candle – Cool Girl Candles

Find it Online

Hermione Granger Scented Candle

Hermione Granger – Wax Work Designs Candle

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Ron Weasley Scented Candle

Ron Weasley – Wax Work Designs Candle

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Hagrid Scented Candle

Tea at Hagrids – Lovely Prairie Co.

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