31 Christmas Themed Candle Ideas

December 11, 2017
31 Christmas Themed Candle Ideas

We love looking around the web and seeing what kind of crafts other bloggers are coming up with. It’s always great around the holidays especially, when people really get into the spirit of decorating and creating.

Each year I’m amazed at how creative people can get with candles and lighting and I’ve bookmarked many ideas along the way. Here some of my favorite holiday themed DIY’s and candles that I had saved including many new ideas I’ve just stumbled upon.

When you visit the links below you will be taken to the creators’ page where you can find out how you can recreate some of these great ideas!
(All images and credit belongs to their respective owners)

1. DIY Cinnamon Vanilla Candles via Yes Missy
cinnamon vanilla candles

2. Christmas Bell Mason Jar Candle Holder by Soapbox Creations
mason jar bell christmas

3. Layered Scented Holiday Candles by Hello Glow
layered scented holiday candles

4. DIY 4×4 Christmas Candlesticks by Itsy Bitsy Paper Blog

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