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15 Wrought Iron Candle Holders Your Home Needs

April 17, 2017
wrought iron candle holderfeature 15 Wrought Iron Candle Holders Your Home Needs

Nothing ties a room together like that final piece of décor that’s unique and tasteful. Wrought iron candle holders make a great finishing touch to any room in your house. The best part is, they are trending right now. So browse through the list below and pick your favorites (if that’s even possible), and snag them for your home!

1. Go Colonial

wrought iron candle holders

Looking for a rustic accent to your décor? This colonial tapered candle holder is a perfect choice. It is seven inches tall with a four-inch base. It has the classic look of wrought iron with a flat black finish. For the latest prices, check this item out on Amazon.

2. Twisted Triplets

wrought iron candle holders

This set of three wrought iron candle holders just might be what your fireplace mantel is missing. There is a small, medium, and large holder in each set. The stem of these decorative accents features a decorative twist supported by three feet. These candle holders are ideal for medium-sized candles. You can find this set on Amazon!

3. Classy and Celtic

wrought iron candle holders

First thought after looking at these: they belong in a rich person’s study. There’s just something about these Celtic cross wrought iron candle holders that screams sophistication. While they are only eight inches tall, they make a bold statement from the 19th century. This set would look great paired with holiday décor, but will also work as a year-round feature in your kitchen, home office, bathroom, or sitting room. Check out this Amazon listing for the most current pricing on these Celtic crosses.

4. Mason Jar Fairy Lights

mason jar fairy light candle holders

While these aren’t exactly traditional wrought iron pieces overall.. a great look is a great look. These fairy light mason jars are hung on wrought iron hooks and still give that rustic look that you will get from some of the other items on this list. Find them on Amazon here.

5. Lovely Leaves

wrought iron candle holders

How adorable is this candle holder? The wrap-around leaf design brings a touch of nature to its wrought iron finish. This holder only stands about two and three-quarters inches tall, but it will make a lasting impression on your guests! Check pricing for this item on Amazon.

6. Tall Hurricanes

wrought iron candle holders

Looking for a couple of tall accents? Try these wrought iron hurricanes! These are meant for pillar candles. The shorter hurricane is 26.5 inches tall and the larger one is 34 inches! The candle sits wrapped up in whimsical-looking twigs inside a glass enclosure. They are simply beautiful! For the best pricing, find these on Wayfair.

7. Such a Lovely Sconce

wrought iron candle holders

This circular, hanging sconce is nothing short of lovely. In fact, it’s a must-have for that wall in your house that looks a little barren. It’s 17 inches wide and three inches deep. The glass enclosure will hold your favorite pillar candle. Find this wrought iron piece on Wayfair.

8. Colorful Lanterns

wrought iron candle holders

Not all wrought iron décor is flat black or rusted. For instance, these adorable wrought iron lanterns come in a variety of shiny colors that will add the perfect pop of color to your home. These stand about five inches tall and are meant for a tea light or votive candle. Pick your perfect color on Wayfair.

9. A Bridge Beyond Unique

wrought iron candle holders

If you’re the type of person that likes fun and unique décor, this suspension bridge candelabra is for you! Crafted from sturdy wrought iron, this is the type of decoration you’ll keep for years to come. It perfectly blends the classic wrought iron look with a contemporary look. It holds nine tea light candles. Clear some space for this bridge; it measures over 30 inches wide! Look for this candelabra on Wayfair.

10. Swanky Stick Votives

wrought iron candle holders

This set of votives will wrap your candles in fun vertical wrought iron rods. The set comes with a small votive that’s 27.5 inches tall and a larger 34-inch-tall votive. Find these contemporary candle holders on Wayfair.

11. One-of-a-kind

wrought iron candle holders

Maybe you’re looking for that perfect one-of-a-kind piece that you’ll never see in a friend’s home! There’s nothing quite like this hand-made wrought iron candle holder. The spiral stem wraps around to reveal a dazzling textured fin at the end. This holder is eight inches wide and six inches tall. Best of all, there’s nothing else like it! Find this piece on Etsy!

12. Simply Retro

wrought iron candle holders

Sometimes it’s best to keep some of your décor simple. This retro, hand-made candle holder does just that! The simple design allows you to incorporate this piece into any room in your house! Drop a candle into the clear glass cup that sits perfectly into the wrought iron frame. It’s a nice addition at an affordable price. View it here, on Etsy!

13. Hand-Forged Flower

wrought iron candle holders

How can iron be elegant? Not sure, but somehow, despite being hand-forged wrought iron, this flower candle holder is delicate and absolutely lovely. This piece is five inches tall and seven inches wide. And since this item is hand-made, you know it’s going to be an original addition to your home décor. View pricing for this flower candle stand on Etsy.

14. All-In-One Star

wrought iron candle holders

Add some patriotic flair to your home with this wrought iron star candle holder. This piece, available on Etsy, comes with a timer battery-operated tea light wrapped in rustic-looking strands of pip berries! It’s a festive centerpiece that looks hand crafted, but the best part is that you don’t have to do any of the crafting! How perfect is this for your fourth of July table? For up-to-date pricing, view this decorative star on Etsy.

15. Painted Wrought Iron

wrought iron candle holders

Add some color to your home with this fun, hand-painted, teal wrought iron candle holder! It’s 17 inches tall with intricate designs in the metal. The wider base and candle stand allow for a medium sized candle. Find this item on Etsy.

The varying styles of all of these wrought iron candle holders mean no matter what your style is, there’s a candle holder with your name on it! Looks like it’s time for an online shopping spree!

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