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Lovely Ceramic Candle Holders To Decorate Your Space

May 7, 2017
ceramic candle holders

If you’d like to liven up your interior, get your hands on ceramic candle holders.  The wide variety of styles and colors make it easy to pick something that fits your decor sense perfectly.  

From ornate lanterns to charmingly carved votives, we’ve put together a list here of some candle holders that are uniquely suited to your trendy apartment or home.

14 Beautiful Ceramic Candle Holders For Your Home

We are in the midst of updating this article with some new picks as some of these items are no longer in stock at the places listed below. While this list is being updated, we encourage you to check out our newer post on white ceramic taper candle holders if that interests you!

1. Modern Design Ceramic Candle Holder

ceramic candle holders

This geometric candle holder will fit right in on the trendiest of shelves.  Paired with an artsy gig poster and some succulent planters, you can easily channel your inner graphic designer.  

Tea lights are the perfect way to make a room feel just right, whether it’s a dark and rainy night or a relaxing morning.  An appreciation for basic shapes and a focus on hard edges form the hallmark for this sculptural piece.  You can simply purchase one item, or gather multiples to create a cohesive collection of geometric ceramics.  

For a stylish room that has it all, these angular candle holders provide just the artsy flair you need.

2. A & B Home Carnevali Blue Candle Holder Set by Bellacor

ceramic candle holder
Via Bellacor

Whether you’ve put together a Moroccan-inspired display of mosaics and patterns or your room evokes a clean, graphic atmosphere, this set of two ceramic candle holders is unlike any other.  It’s blue interior stands out through the negative space and creates a visually-appealing pattern you’re sure to love.  Flickering light and repeated shapes will make your room feel both unique and charming.  Check out this brand’s other items if you’d like to mix and match bold colors or explore other design choices for your candle holder collection.  Ultimately, this set combines the best of ornate, intricate details with bold, graphic sensibilities.

3. Ceramic Metallic Pillar Candle Holder Set by Better Homes and Gardens

03 walmart Lovely Ceramic Candle Holders To Decorate Your Space
Via Walmart

Your pillar candles now have the perfect home with this set of three ceramic pillar candle holders.  It’s still possible to experience the luxury of a metallic finish with sturdy, weighted ceramic items like these.  Having these candle holders around will create a romantic atmosphere in your interior and keep you prepared for any special occasions that pop-up, from weddings to the winter holiday season.  What’s better than having the most noble decor around?  You can easily pair this set with stunning white pillar candles or rich magenta candles.  No matter the color of your decor, this ceramic candle holder is sure to catch the eye.

4. Libby Candle Holder by Overstock

round ceramic candle holder
Via Overstock

If you’ve shopped around but haven’t found anything that quite suits your tastes, maybe this item is the answer.  It’s round, bulbous shape and repetitive striped pattern make it ideal for the quirkiest of homes.  Likewise, there are other equally unique shapes available if you’d like to collect the whole set and create a memorable interior.  Although it isn’t always easy to design a room around an item as unique as this, it’s certainly a worthwhile endeavor.  We recommend pairing this piece with blues and whites for a cohesive color palette that evokes harmony and unity.  When everything on the market feels too average and understated, it might be time to go bold.

5. Checks Style Creative Glossy Ceramic Lantern Set by AllModern

ceramic lantern candle holders
Via AllModern

Do you want to add a little fairytale charm to your patio or bedroom?  These opalescent ceramic lanterns show off their medieval glamour with a pinch of sugar and spice.  In this set, you’ll receive three different lanterns for your tea lights.  A strong, curved wire keeps each lantern hanging sturdily in place among the rest of your treasures.  Additionally, you can easily carry each lantern for a more rustic feeling as you enjoy your backyard during the evenings.  Whether your candle holder collection already includes lanterns or you’d like to try something new, this set of 3 will undoubtedly add something special to your environment.

6. Star Wave by Novica

ceramic candle holder
Via Novica

Whether you have a flair for global travel or worldwide art, a candle holder like this one is sure to make your interior feel more cosmopolitan.  Associated with National Geographic, this online store offers a unique selection of items from all around the world.  It’s no question whether everyone could use a little extra culture in life.  This handcrafted Mexican ceramic candle holder provides just that, with a unique and memorable pattern unlike anything in traditional Western art.  With an enticing texture and intricately carved patterns, you can enjoy a delicate display of flickering candlelight at any time of the year.

7. A & B Home Blue and White Ceramic Candle Holder by Bellacor

blue and white ceramic candle holder
Via Bellacor

This more traditional ceramic piece harkens back to both Irish art traditions and ancient Chinese pottery.  With a blue and white color palette that’s familiar in nearly every home, this candle holder will look stunning in conventional households as well as contemporary apartments.  It’s easy to get lost in the delicate details of an ornate, painted candle holder like this one, especially if you’re a fan of florals.  Flourishing natural patterns embrace its curved, vase-like shape to create a candle holder anyone will love.  If you need a quality housewarming gift or a birthday present for your mother-in-law, this item is a safe bet.

8. Large Ceramic Pillar Candle Holder by Floor 9

08 floor9living Lovely Ceramic Candle Holders To Decorate Your Space
Via Floor 9

Keeping up with current trends is no problem when you have a ceramic pillar candle holder like this one.  Its gem-inspired angular silhouette carves out the perfect base for your pillar candle.  With a pooled glaze, you can admire the subtle details of a grainy texture and faint gradient over its simple, graphic shape.  We suggest you pair this piece with a color like peach, rose gold, or mauve.  Your pillar candles will undoubtedly shine in elegance whether you position this candle holder in a relaxing bathroom or a romantic bedroom.  Its subtle yet noticeable design features are sure to inspire the artist in you when decorating your home.

9. Blue Ceramic Lantern by Wayfair

blue ceramic candle holder
Via Wayfair

This bold candle holder is ideal for both pillar candles and smaller lights alike, with its large shape and sturdy construction.  You can easily assemble a display of colors and accessories when you use this ornate ceramic lantern.  With oriental-inspired carvings and a shiny finish, it evokes a rustic, rural feeling that could be just the thing your interior needs.  Additionally, it is available in four separate colors so you can go all out with your decorating and splash color throughout your home and patio.  If you want to liven up your home with bold color and graphic patterns, this item is sure to be a winner.

10. Ceramic Cutout Lantern by World Market

colored ceramic candle holders
Via World Market

Check out this selection of ceramic cutout lanterns for bold color that doesn’t overwhelm your designs.  Each shade is both muted and bohemian, so you can stay stylish without overdoing it.  From turquoise to forest green, it’s easy to take advantage of these chic colors.  The repeat cutout pattern and rounded cylinder silhouette give these candle holders a memorable appearance.  Overall, a stylish smattering of cute ceramic candle holders will turn your home into a welcoming living space that guests will love.

11. Privilege Gold Ceramic Candle Holder by Overstock

ceramic pillar candle holders
Via Overstock

If stately rugs and regal bookshelves are your thing, then this ceramic pillar candle holder could find a new home with your decor sensibilities.  Its elegant form and gold finish are perfect for just about any room focusing on the finer things in life.  When it comes time to show off your best pillar candles, an item like this one is sure to help you out.  Consider purchasing a small embroidered mat or tablecloth to place below this item for a strong foundation of style and elegance.  Whether you have all the relatives over or you’re throwing a housewarming party, this style of decor gives off only the best impressions.

12. Mantel Decor by Vsocks

ceramic lighting
Via Etsy

This handmade item is as charming as it is practical.  Who wouldn’t love to light a candle and enjoy the flickering appearance of a sweet and welcoming cottage on the mantel?  Its simple shape and appealing texture show off all the qualities that make a handmade item worth it.  Perfect in its imperfections, you simply won’t find something this delightful from a larger establishment.  Grow your collection of international art when you purchase something like this, originating in Russia.

13. Ceramic Art Candle Holder by BlueSkyPotteryCO

ceramic candle holders
Via Etsy

Now here’s another handmade item that will make you wish you owned a gallery so you can show off your collection for all to see.  This piece’s unique construction and nature-inspired motifs are eye-catching, with or without a lit candle.  Its web-like form goes beyond simply carved candle holders and moves into the realm of sculptural art.  Whether indoors or on the porch, a ceramic candle holder like this one is a great way to support the arts.

14. Modern Geometric White and Gold Candle Holders by Afloral

14 afloral Lovely Ceramic Candle Holders To Decorate Your Space
Via Afloral

Although simple in shape, the surface pattern on this set of 4 ceramic candle holders will catch your eye every time you enter the room.  Its gold geometric patterns are the perfect accent to its classy, simple form.  If you want to feel trendier than anyone you know, a set like this is sure to bring your home into the realm of contemporary design and fine living.

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