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The Best Places To Buy Candles Online

The Best Places To Buy Candles Online

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I find myself shopping for candles online more and more for many reasons. The first and most obvious reason is the convenience as I’m sure you have guessed. However there are a few other reasons that I find just as important in some cases. We’ll be going over those reasons as well as the best places for buying candles online in this post. We hope this can be help you out in your search for great candles!

Why I Buy Candles Online

Reason 1: The Convenience

With most of us having Amazon Prime memberships nowadays, getting everything we can from one place with fast, free shipping is a huge relief. But even if you aren’t an Amazon person, shopping online is still incredibly convenient since you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to do it. More and more online shopping websites nowadays are getting better at offering cheap or free shipping rates which takes down that initial barrier to shopping online.

It’s also great when you have a favorite candle that you find yourself rebuying over and over. By shopping online you can quickly order another when you find that yours is about to run out and it comes right to your door.

Reason 2: Deal Shopping

Another bonus that comes with going the online route is that you can compare prices much easier than in brick and mortar stores. All you need to do is throw up a couple tabs and search a few different retailers websites.

Many online retailers, especially candle retailers also offer online only deals that you can get from their websites or newsletters. Also, in general I find that online prices tend to be a bit cheaper than in most stores.

Reason 3: Hard To Find Candles and Large Selection

Some candle companies don’t even have physical locations these days. Small family run brands start their own websites and purely run their businesses from shipping orders put in on their websites. Etsy is also an extremely popular option for small candle shops these days.

With large online retailers like Amazon you also have a nearly endless amount of selection when it comes to candles. The reviews are always helpful when you want to order candles online and Amazon has a ton of them.

Where To Buy Candles Online


Amazon is my go to place for buying candles online. You can usually get free and quick shipping on your orders and it is so simple to use. I’ve found that there are also really good deals from Amazon for a lot of big name candle brands. If you are buying from Amazon, be sure to read the customer reviews as some suppliers can be better than others and you want to be sure your candles arrive safely.


Etsy is where a ton of small candle companies sell their candles. There is so many different candles to choose from including unique handmade candles that you can’t find anywhere else.

Carved Candles on Etsy by Alensis Carved Candles

Carved Candles on Etsy by Alensis Carved Candles

Brand Websites

If you know a candle brand that you are interested in already, search their name in Google. They most likely have a website where you can order candles from. A bonus from ordering candles through the brand websites is that the brands themselves can offer some great deals and some that are online exclusive!

Some Good Candle Brands To Buy From Online

These are some of my favorite candle brands to buy from online:

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