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The Best Candles On Amazon

Amazon carries a wide variety of candles these days. Cheap brands. Expensive brands. Brands that nobody has probably even heard of before. There are so many to pick from that it becomes tiresome wading through all the junk to find the real gems. And there are some gems. Some of our favorite candles can be found on Amazon nowadays and usually they are at a cheaper price than in physical stores (especially if you have Amazon Prime).

Today we’ll be attempting to give a complete categorized rundown of the best candles on Amazon. You can easily skip down to something that suites your fancy by clicking it in the table of contents that we’ve created below or just scroll down to view all of the categories!

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The Best Candles On Amazon 2018

  • Best Cheap Candles On Amazon

    These are our favorites from Amazon that all fall under $2 per ounce! The dollar signs correspond to more or less pricey for this range of candles.

    • Yankee Candles

      Yankee Candle Best Cheap Candles On Amazon

      Big name brand but unbeatable price

      Yankee Candle is the biggest candle brand out there, but that doesn’t mean that they are expensive! While at first glance the large jar candles might seem kind of expensive, once you work out how much these candles will run you per ounce of wax(which is how value should be calculated) you will realize that there aren’t many options that are cheaper from any other brand. Yankee now has a HUGE amount of scents available with something for everyone. Some scents that we recommend are from the classics. Check out Pink Sands, Macintosh Apple, Autumn Wreath, or Clean Cotton

      Wax Type:Paraffin
      Burn Time:110 – 150 Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$

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    • Capri Blue Candles

      Capri Blue Candles Best Cheap Candles On Amazon

      A favorite from the Anthropologie stores

      Capri Blue Candles have made it on many of our best of lists for good reason. Their scents are exquisite, some of the best around in fact, and they also have a good price tag to boot. These candles were made popular by being the go-to candles in Anthropologie stores. You can however find suppliers of the candle on Amazon nowadays. A word of caution with buying these on Amazon though, quite a few people have reported that their candles have been defective from some suppliers. It may be a better idea to order off of the Anthropologie website directly for these. Check out 06. Volcano, 26. Blue Jean, or Fall Leaves

      Wax Type:Paraffin – Soy Wax Blend
      Burn Time:85 Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$$

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      Find this candle on Anthropologie

    • Our Own Candle Company

      Our Own Candle Company Top Cheap Candles On Amazon

      Budget candles in cute, mason jar containers

      Our Own Candle Company has made a name for themselves on Amazon specifically. They have pulled in thousands of reviews from happy customers with their home made, market style.Check out Hot Apple Pie (pictured above), Blueberry Pie, or Hot Buns

      Wax Type:Paraffin – Soy Wax Blend
      Burn Time:100 Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$

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  • Best Mid-Range Candles On Amazon

    For our mid-range picks we chose to go with candles that were all under $6 per ounce. As with the cheap candles above, the dollar signs correspond to price variations within the mid-range candle category.

    • P.F. Candle Co.

      PF Candle Co Best Mid Range Candles On Amazon

      Handmade fragrances out of Los Angeles

      P.F. Candle Co. is one of my more recent favorite brands that I’ve been scooping up quite often. They have some unique scents available and I find their scent throw to be excellent for their size. A few of my favorite scents are Teakwood and Tobacco, Sweet Grapefruit, and Amber and Moss.

      Wax Type:100% Natural Soy Wax
      Burn Time:40-50 Hours in 7.2 oz size
      Price Per Ounce:$

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  • Best Luxury Candles On Amazon

    When it comes to luxury candles, honestly, the sky is the limit with price points. Are these candles for everybody? Most definitely not. If you however, have the money to spare and are a fine fragrance lover that wants something with a truly unique scent there are plenty of options to choose from. And Amazon has a good selection of them. The dollar signs still correspond to varying prices, but within the luxury category.

    • NEST Fragrances

      NEST Fragrances Best Luxury Candles On Amazon

      Luxury candles at a competitive price point

      NEST Fragrances are one of my all-time favorite candle brands and was created by the former Slatkin & Co. candle creators. This company has so much experience with making quality candles and it shows as soon as you try once out. These candles are a great value for being luxury candles. When we calculated the cost per ounce of these we realized that they almost fell into our mid-range category! While these are not as pricey as some of the others in the luxury category, they can still impress just as much as the others. Unsure of which scent to try? Start with one of my favorites: Holiday, Grapefruit or Bamboo

      Wax Type:A Soy Wax Blend
      Burn Time:80 – 100 Hours for the 3 wick versions
      Price Per Ounce:$

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    • Diptyque Paris

      Diptyque Paris Best Luxury Candles On Amazon

      Sophisticated fragrance but it comes at a price

      This is usually the first brand you hear of when someone talks about luxury candles. They are pricey candles to be sure. If you however, are a candle lover with lots of money to spare, then these candles will give you quality and a unique fragrance that the other candles can’t quite match. Diptyque has been perfecting the art of candle making for so long now that they have nearly perfected it. Scents to try: Baies, Figuier, or Feu De Bois

      Wax Type:Soy Blend
      Burn Time:50 – 60 Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$$$

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  • Best Wax Melts On Amazon

    Don’t like having open flame in your house? Wax melts are an excellent safe alternative to traditional candles. Here are some of the best wax melts on Amazon!

    • Shortie’s Candle Company

      Shortie's Candle Company Best Wax Melts On Amazon

      Quality melts from a brand that you may have never heard of

      Shortie’s Candle Company has been perfecting their wax for the past decade. They are a family owned company that puts a ton of care into their products. They made their way onto Amazon where they are some of the best reviewed melts on the entire website! Try out: Fresh & Clean Variety Pack (pictured), Apple Variety Pack, or Floral Variety Pack

      Wax Type:Food Grade Paraffin Wax Blend
      Burn Time:5 – 10 Hours per block (18 blocks in a variety pack)
      Price Per Ounce:$$

      Find these wax melts on Amazon

  • Best Ring Candles On Amazon

    While the selection for ring candles isn’t that large, there are a couple of our favorites on there. If you are new to ring candles, here is my quick overview. Each candle contains a piece of jewelry wrapped in tinfoil within the wax. When you burn down to unveil the jewelry you will find a ring (or other jewelry you can decide) which is worth from $10 – $5000. These candles make the perfect gifts, especially during the holidays.

    • Jackpot Candles

      Jackpot Candles Best Ring Candles On Amazon

      Powerful scents, long lasting candles, and fun ring surprises

      Jackpot Candles was one of the first ring candles that we ever tried and it is still one of our favorites 4 years later. They make extremely long lasting soy candles and have a great selection of highly fragrant scents. The ring inside is just a welcome bonus on top of a great candle. Scents to try: Cinnamon Bun (pictured), Lemonade, Mountain Mist

      Wax Type:100% Soy Wax
      Burn Time:100+ Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$

      Find this candle on Amazon

    • Secret & Scents

      Secret and Scents Best Ring Candles On Amazon

      Extremely long lasting soy candles that work great as Christmas gifts

      Secret and Scents also holds a spot on our top 5 ring candles list. While their packaging might not be as flashy as the other brands, their candles are just as good. They have quite a few scents available that all smell Red Roses

      Wax Type:100% All Natural Soy Wax
      Burn Time:150 Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$

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  • Best Soy Candles On Amazon

    Many of the other candles on this list are soy candles that do great in their own categories as well. This section will be for some of the other soy candles that didn’t get any love in another section already!

    • SOLAS Candles

      Solas Candles Fois Best Candles on Amazon

      Vegan soy wax candles at an excellent price along with great customer service and quality control

      Some candle companies only have resellers for their candles on Amazon which means that the customer service can be a little disjointed for certain brands. Solas candles however offer great support even when you buy their candles off of Amazon and they always follow up in a professional manner. This list is more about which candles are themselves amazing and these soy candles don’t disappoint. They are a great price coming in at under $2 an ounce and have 3 wicks which always seems to help throw scent more. Scents to try: Fois, Beatha, or Paisean

      Wax Type:Vegan Soy Wax
      Burn Time:45 Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$

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    • Pure Integrity Soy Candles

      Solas Candles Fois Best Candles on Amazon

      No flashy labels just great smelling candles

      Pure Integrity Candles’ high quality soy wax is what makes them one of the best candles on Amazon. Their soy wax holds in and throws fragrance amazingly well and not only burns evenly but lasts a long time as well. These candles have a snug fitting wooden lid that holds in scent when you are not burning your candles which also keeps the wax from building up dust as well. These candles are priced at just over a dollar per ounce. A great price!! Scents to try: Apple Crisp, Vanilla, or Mineral Springs for that perfect spa experience.

      Wax Type:100% Natural Soy Wax
      Burn Time:75+ Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$

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    • Nika’s Home Soy Candles

      Nika's Home Best Soy Candles On Amazon Lemongrass Kiwi Cassis

      Strong, long lasting candle at a budget price

      Nika’s Home candles aren’t super flashy. They are poured in 12 ounce mason jars and have a simple label on the front. Looks aside though these are excellent soy candles. Aside from a bit of soot we had no problems with these candles. Be sure to trim the wicks down to a quarter inch each burn and you should have no problems either! Scents to try: Lemongrass Kiwi Cassis, Blueberry Muffin, or Vanilla Lavender

      Wax Type:Soy wax
      Burn Time:50 – 60 Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$

      Find this candle on Amazon

  • Best Beeswax Candles On Amazon

    • Bluecorn Beeswax Candles

      best beeswax candles on amazon

      Quality, raw beeswax in 50% recycled glass jars.

      Bluecorn Beeswax make the absolute best reviewed beeswax candles on Amazon by a longshot. If you are looking for beeswax candles, whether it be tapers, votives, jars or tea lights than this should be a brand to check out for sure.

      Wax Type:100% Raw Beeswax
      Burn Time:35 Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$$

      Find this candle on Amazon

    • Candle By The Hour Natural Beeswax Candles

      Best Beeswax Candles On Amazon Candle By The Hour

      Unique beeswax candles that will stand out from the rest

      We’ve posted about Candle By The Hour before on the blog and it is time to bring them up once again. These candles are unlike any others that you have probably seen in that they are coiled up wax which can be fed through a clip and burned for specific durations depending on the length that you feed in at a given time. Every 3 inches of wax fed into the clip will burn for about 1 hour. When the wax has finished burning it will self extinguish so there is less worry of any accidents(we still recommend NEVER leaving a candle unattended).

      Wax Type:Natural beeswax
      Burn Time:70 Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$$

      Find this candle on Amazon

  • Best Man Candles On Amazon

    • Ranger Station Candle Co.

      Ranger Station Best Man Candles On Amazon

      Created by a cocktail conneseuir and candle lover

      These candles come poured in reusable heavy tumbler glass. Once you are finished burning these masculine scents pour yourself a stiff drink in your new glass! These candles are excellent but come with a more luxury price tag. Try these out: Leather and Pine (pictured), Santalum, or Oakmoss

      Wax Type:Natural Soy Wax
      Burn Time:40 Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$$$

      Find this candle on Amazon

  • Best Candles To Mask Pet Odors On Amazon

    • Specialty Pet Products Pet Odor Exterminator Candle

      Best Candles For Pet Odor On Amazon

      Have a lingering pet odor? This might be the solution.

      I haven’t given this one a try as I don’t have pets but scanning through customer reviews on Amazon, it’s quite clear that this is the unanimous winner for candles that actually work in getting rid of nasty pet odors.

      Wax Type:Paraffin – Soy Blend
      Burn Time:70 Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$$

      Find this candle on Amazon

  • Best Tea Lights On Amazon

    • Zion Judaica Tealights

      Best Tea Lights On Amazon

      120 tealights to a pack, plenty to get the job done!

      There are countless tealight suppliers on Amazon and they all vary in terms of quality and price. We noticed that many suppliers have poor packaging with their tealights and it is quite frequent that the packages can arrive damaged. Zion Judaica seems to have the most reliable shipments with the fewest complaints about candles which arrive broken and are our choice for the best tealights on Amazon! 120 tea lights per pack.

      Wax Type:High Quality Paraffin Wax
      Burn Time:About 4 hours each
      Price Per Ounce:$

      Find this candle on Amazon

  • Best Vegan Candles On Amazon

    • Aira Vegan Soy Candles

      Best Vegan Candles On Amazon

      Vegan candles with a great look!

      Aira really hit the mark with these candles. Not only are they completely vegan and kosher but they also have a long burn time and smell excellent! These candles are hand poured and have a small batch look and feel to them as well.

      Wax Type:All Natural Soy Wax
      Burn Time:110+ Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$

      Find this candle on Amazon

  • Best Citronella Candles On Amazon

    • Melt Candle Company Citronella Candles

      Best Citronella Candles On Amazon Melt Candle Company

      Extra thick wicks for a bigger flame that won’t easily go out while outdoors

      There is a big debate on how effective citronella candles are for repelling mosquitoes and other insects. We have some experience with other popular citronella candles on Amazon that are branded at being great for repelling mosquitoes but found that these candles with their thicker wicks worked much better. They acted more as citronella torches and if placed in a perimeter around seating areas do seem to work quite well.

      Wax Type:Paraffin Wax
      Burn Time:5 Hours Per Candle
      Price Per Ounce:$$$

      Find this candle on Amazon

  • Best Cool Candles On Amazon

    • Pyropet Candles

      Coolest Candles On Amazon Pyropet Ugla Owl

      Wax that burns down revealing an inner skeleton

      Pyropet candles are some of the most creative that we’ve seen in recent years. As the wax melts on these cute animal candles they reveal a sinister metallic skeleton which creates a silhouette effect from the burning flames. While these are unscented candles, they are quite unique and most definitely cool. They make great gifts as well!

      Wax Type:Paraffin Wax
      Burn Time:8 Hours
      Price Per Ounce:$$$

      Find this candle on Amazon

  • Best LED Candles On Amazon

    • Air Zuker Flameless LED Candle

      Best Flameless Candles On Amazon Air Zuker

      Realistic LED candles at a fraction of the price of name brand department store brands

      These flameless LED candles by Air Zuker look just as good as ones that you pay triple the price of at some department stores. They run on D cell batteries and come in a set of 3.

      Find this candle on Amazon

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