How Can There Be A $5000 Ring In A Candle?

April 12, 2015

“There isn’t actually a $5000 ring in a candle. It’s a scam.”

This is usually the first thing you hear when someone is first told about ring candles.

“How would they make any money if you can buy the candles for 25 bucks?”

We’ve all heard it. There is so much skepticism surrounding these candles, and rightfully so to a point. If you think about it though, it’s not really that hard to make possible.

How They Can Afford To Put A $5000 Ring In A Candle

First of all, finding a ring worth upwards of that amount of money is pretty rare. Compare it to buying a scratch ticket and winning that amount of money. Through all the money that is generated between people not winning anything, or winning smaller prizes, the lottery can afford to give out larger prizes and still make a profit. The same thing goes for ring candles. Most of the rings which you will find in these candles are costume jewelry which range in value from $10 – $100 commonly. A select few will get lucky and uncover a big prize and of course taking that chance is where the fun comes from!

Of course many people will also be wondering still:

“How can they afford to give out a candle as well as rings that can somewhat often value close to one hundred dollars?”diamond candle laundry

This question mostly comes down to buying power of the ring candle brands. Much like a company such as Costco does, companies like Diamond Candles buy rings in bulk which allows them get a cheaper price for buying in high quantities at once. This savings is then passed on to you in the form of the prizes you can find inside of the candles.

You may have read articles online such as the one on Jezebel about these candles being scammy. It’s not a very accurate word to describe them though. The candle companies are pretty clear about telling you what you are buying and aren’t lying with their claims. At first glance it may seem so, but a little research will explain it. That is just one opinion though, and everyone has the right to state theirs’.  Some will find buying a ring candle to be a fun surprise or a great gift idea and others will stick to normal candles.

We tend to enjoy ring candles and if you agree be sure to check out our guide of the top 5 ring candles out there currently!


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