Candle Junkies is not a blog that is primarily driven financially. We made it as a passion project and something that my girlfriend and I are both very interested in.

With that said, we do make money from the blog. The FTC requires us by law that we must disclose anything we do that could give us any financial gain from companies we work with. The candles and other products we come by on this blog are sometimes given to us in exchange for honest reviews but many of the time it is just candles or products that we’ve paid for ourselves and just want to write reviews on. We gain small commissions from various products we have on the site through affiliate links, and they are spread out all over the blog. If you click on a link on this blog and purchase something we may get a small commission from that, but it is at no additional cost to you. If we put disclaimers on each post of our website they would have to be everywhere. To save time for ourselves and preserve the reading experience for you, please just assume that for every link or product we feature on the website the following applies:



Thanks go to Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer for the images above

By taking affiliate commissions it allows us to display less advertisements on the website and just in general makes everything run more efficiently. It helps support the website and also allows us to put out better content to the readers.

Thank you!

Candle Junkies Team