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Charmed Aroma Review
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Charmed Aroma Review

Charmed Aroma is one of the original ring candle companies to be made in Canada and it is easily one of the most well known. We recently featured them in our top 5 jewelry candles Canada post where they came in a close third…

February 27, 2017
Ice 'N' Fire Ring Candle Review
Ring Candles

Ice ‘N’ Fire Ring Candle Review

As with many other products that originate in The United States, there were only a few options in the beginning to get a ring candle if you lived in Canada. After they had been around for a year or so and proved they weren’t a trend that was dying…

October 14, 2016
jewelscent review
Ring Candles

JewelScent Review

If you have seen our “Top 5 Ring Candles” list, you may already know what we think of JewelScent. Every JewelScent candle that we’ve tried has been well above our expectations and they never seize to amaze us with their high-quality candles. When we think…

July 26, 2016
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Hidden Treasure Candles Review

Today we have yet another jewelry candle review for you! We are trying to get all of our ring candle reviews up and then we will again start focusing on normal candles. Hidden Treasures Soy Candles have various lines of candles, some of which…

February 26, 2016
fragrant jewels review
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Fragrant Jewels Review

*Update: Pink Peony and Snowed In are not currently available on Fragrant Jewels but to find an updated scent list please go here. Fragrant Jewels is a ring candle company, similar to many of the others you may have heard of. They have been…

February 5, 2016
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My Jolie Candle Review

My Jolie Candle is a jewelry candle company which many here in North America may have never heard of before. They are based out of France and were founded by Samuel and Victor; two passionate men who set out with the simple goal of…

February 1, 2016
bling it candles
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Bling It Candles Review

It doesn’t take long to realize that Bling It Candles creator Erin Dianne Royal puts a tremendous amount of care into her candles. From the moment you twist the top of these crafty mason jar candles, you know that you are in for something…

September 15, 2015