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Charmed Aroma Review
Candles Ring Candles

Charmed Aroma Review

Charmed Aroma is one of the original ring candle companies to be made in Canada and it is easily one of the most well known. We recently featured them in our top 5 jewelry candles Canada post where they came in a close third…

February 27, 2017
candle wand review
Candle Accessories

Candle Wand Review

Today for review, we have a tool that’s goal is to help bring new life back to old worn out pillar candles. The Candle Wand as it’s called is a product that is designed to make it easier for people to essentially cut their…

February 14, 2017
Votivo Lavender Chamomile Pear Candle Review
Scented Candles

Votivo Lavender Chamomile Pear Candle Review

Votivo candles has been handcrafting and perfecting their luxury candles since 1994. Aside from being machine poured with a machine every candle is tweaked by hand to ensure they all come out exactly the way they want. It’s something that is rarely done by…

October 27, 2016
Ice 'N' Fire Ring Candle Review
Ring Candles

Ice ‘N’ Fire Ring Candle Review

As with many other products that originate in The United States, there were only a few options in the beginning to get a ring candle if you lived in Canada. After they had been around for a year or so and proved they weren’t a trend that was dying…

October 14, 2016