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Charmed Aroma Review
Candles Ring Candles

Charmed Aroma Review

Charmed Aroma is one of the original ring candle companies to be made in Canada and it is easily one of the most well known. We recently featured them in our top 5 jewelry candles Canada post where they came in a close third…

February 27, 2017
31 Christmas Themed Candle Ideas
DIY Etsy Candles Roundups

31 Christmas Themed Candle Ideas

We love looking around the web and seeing what kind of crafts other bloggers are coming up with. It’s always great around the holidays especially, when people really get into the spirit of decorating and creating. Each year I’m amazed at how creative people…

November 16, 2016
top 5 ring candles
Best Of Lists Candles Informative

Top 5 Ring Candles

With the price of ring candles being a bit higher than your everyday ‘Bed, Bath, and Beyond’ candle, you want to be sure that the one that you pick out is worth your money and actually a quality candle. You may be looking for a…

September 23, 2016
Paddywax Urban Collection Driftwood & Indigo Review
Candles Scented Candles

Paddywax Urban Collection: Driftwood & Indigo Review

The Paddywax Urban Collection features 10 different scented soy candles in city-inspired concrete vessels. If you follow any candle DIY boards on Pinterest you may have seen similar ideas already. I’ve always loved the look of it but haven’t built up the courage to…

September 22, 2016