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February 2016

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Innovative Candles for Sure Fire Fun

Looking to have some fun with your candles? You’re in luck – because nowadays there’s a whole array of incredible, unique candles to choose from. Simple and functional candles date far back to antiquity, yet recent years witnessed large, imaginative leaps in candle design.…

February 19, 2016
fragrant jewels review
Jewelry Candles Reviews Ring Candles

Fragrant Jewels Review

Update: Pink Peony and Snowed In are not currently available on Fragrant Jewels but you can find their updated scent list here. Fragrant Jewels offer candles with a twist. You may have seen them advertised on social media or around the web as ‘ring candles’, and…

February 5, 2016
Jewelry Candles Reviews Ring Candles

My Jolie Candle Review

My Jolie Candle is a jewelry candle company which many here in North America may have never heard of before. They are based out of France and were founded by Samuel and Victor; two passionate men who set out with the simple goal of…

February 1, 2016